Saturday, November 12, 2016

Nothing to Believe in

"There are a lot of people out there with love in their hearts who wish you dead if you don't have as much love in your heart as they do." - Denis Miller

Just a few connected points about SJWs (Social Justice Warriors, i.e. leftist activists, usually under 40 years of age)

1. They do not realize that they have been deeply manipulated by people trying to sell them things, to make money and attain power by means of demagoguery. They are being used by Marxists just like workers and other unintelligent/uneducated people have always been.

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Murdering for love: started by Christians, perfected by Marxists.
2. Their views are utterly irrational.

2.1. I am baffled at their use of the word 'love.' It seems that by this they mean not thinking there is anything wrong with the way a person lives. This is not a traditional meaning of the word. I know they don't realize that love entered the moral lexicon because of Christianity (for the Platonists it had an exclusively theological meaning), and the meaning they ascribe to it is not one of Christianity's senses.

2.2. Their use of the word 'hate' is equally baffling. As with 'love,' they clearly believe that people should be compelled to change their inner dispositions regarding people's states of life.

3. This is a surrogate religion. I enjoy watching some of the internet 'atheists,' and I like it when they occasionally make this connection. (Sargon of Akkad is the best, IMO.) Of course, internet 'atheists' usually have Protestant fundamentalism in mind when they think of religion, but that's a topic for another time. I recently saw a video of the great Prof. Jordan Petersen (I think talking to Lauren Southern of Rebel Media) who observed that the intellectual capacity of SJWs was a significant factor in their activities, especially in terms of their irrationality, violence and how manipulable they are by the media, etc. Anyway, I am interested in their notion of community. It is a concept that fascinates me. Perhaps I will write a book on it someday. A community is, by definition, something that can impose moral duties on people and grant privileges. But what is this community? Their definition has more in common with the "international brotherhood of workers" of the Marxists than it does with the "social contract" basis of the Enlightenment thinkers. The problem is, modern nations like Canada and the US were founded with the social contract in mind. It's interesting to see the religious elements in their preferred notion. The fact is, in the 19th century workers in Russia had not natural affinity for the workers in Prussia or London. SJWs have no affinity for actual workers - farmers in the Midwest and factory workers in the Rustbelt, as their preferred milieus are Starbucks and the Apple Store. Let's face it, caring about people in the abstract is not actually caring for people. Love that merely acknowledges the 'goodness' of a lifestyle, but which walks by a homosexual destitute on the side of the road is not love in any sense that we should respect. Real love goes to Calcutta, it does not hashtag.

Ah, love. 
But these people need something to believe in. Human beings are capable of creating a whole lot of unusual religions. And they will always be religious. Atheists occasionally notice this. I wonder how many of them acknowledge by this point that we will never leave religion behind, as they thought we would in the 18th and 19th centuries. (Of course, even atheism takes on the nature of a religion sometimes, with its construction of demon boogeymen: pedophile Catholic clergy or angry closet homosexual Southern preachers, and its canonization of themselves as rational, clear-thinking, science-lovers who will save humanity.)

Picking up from Prof. Petersen, most SJWs are severely uneducated and unable to think critically. Most people are, but most people don't presume to tell everybody what to believe in and how to act. Thus, they exemplify the worst characteristics of religious people.

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