Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Public Virtue

"They come to you as people come, and sit before you as My people and hear your words, but they do not do them, for they do the lustful desires expressed by their mouth, and their heart goes after their gain. "Behold, you are to them like a sensual song by one who has a beautiful voice and plays well on an instrument; for they hear your words but they do not practice them." (Ez 33:31-2)

The whole thing with Trump's recorded scurrility has left me scratching my head. Why?

On the one hand, I am a Christian and I want the world to be better than that indicated by Trump in that infamous conversation. I became a Christian because I was disgusted by the ways of the world - I mean the things represented by Trump. His words represent the world I grew up in and are not some anomaly.

On the other hand, potty mouth is about the least worrisome thing there is. I have a potty mouth, especially when I talk to my brothers, certain close friends, my wife, and when the suds have been flowing. I often bring such things to confession, but I generally consider them as venial sins.

Society's inconsistency bothers me, especially the way in which the various party fight out their proxy war by means of selective outrage.

On the one hand, we are taught that one should be true oneself, and not suppress one's feelings (i.e. homosexual feelings, feeling that one is the other gender, etc.), but on the other, we want men to curb their sexuality into something more genteel and palatable to women. That's not going to wash. Feminists have no problem with gender identity stuff but are outraged when men look at boobs. That fails to convince.

I think we can all more or less agree on the force things, that is to say, people on most spectra of the ideology wars. We don't like rape and we don't like underage stuff, power imbalances, etc. We mostly all agree on that. We might interpret individual cases differently, but on principle we all tend to agree.

And, as usual, Christians are caught somewhere in the middle. We object to strip clubs, which most feminists do too now (though they didn't in the 70's-90's, then they considered them 'empowering'). We object to pornography, we object to double-standards, etc. Of course, feminists say they object to double standards, but they really do not. They support gynocentricism, because they are not driven by reason, but by resentment.

Now, it's always hard to be a Christian because, on the one hand, we know that people are people, lying and images are empty and humility is king. We Christians want to be honest, even if it makes us look bad. A real Christian has to look at Trump and say, I say/said stuff like that 1000xs in my life and yet not want anyone to think that this admission constitutes approval of it. I am a sinner in reformation. Nor is he scandalized. I think of the story of the foul leper whom none of the other friars could handle looking after, but St. Francis himself.

We can't live like Bill Cosby who lived a completely double life. On the surface he was an outstanding community pillar, but on the inside was a sexual abuser. I would rather have Cosby stand for all the good things he stood for and go to sex-addiction treatment - to be open about his problem. This is how I tend to think about myself. I try not to let people think too well of me: I never disguise my sexual-ness. I don't flaunt it either. I like beer, I like women, and I am a potty mouth at times. I am a sinner in reformation. Why can't we be this way? I do not ask men not to be men, but I want us all to strive for something higher. I always feel sorry for men who feel that the Church expects them to experience sexuality like women do.

The Church does not consider that there are two kinds of people, one that experience sexual desire and the other that does not.

What are the conversations like in the Clinton home? "Hey, we got this tape of Trump talking trash about women. Of course, we don't think he's ever done anything like you've done, Bill, because if we knew he did that kind of stuff, we would destroy him with it."

So, in the end, what is to be the Christian attitude to politicians who live or do things that are sinful? We know about abortion, even though we don't act on it very often. Do any of us ever consider the politicians we vote for to be upstanding Christians, or the kind of people Dante would put in limbo as the virtuous pagans? No, I think we generally assume that they are all dirt bags, the best of whom would be just kind of your average beer-drinking, strip-club visiting, porn-watching kind of guy. (Remember, more than half of Christians watch porn. For some stats, see here.)

What bugs me even more than the sin itself is the dishonesty and two-facedness surrounding it. Porn is tempting. It's easy to access. This is why it is so pervasive. So what are we to make about Trump in this context? Is he worse than the average American? I doubt it. If he was, this fact would come out.

So what is this intense need of ours to grandstand? We all know people who have said far worse than Trump - maybe we ourselves. Bad people should not be rewarded, of course. But if you found out that Generals MacArthur and Patton were womanizers would you pull them and put in some lesser men to fill their spots?

What's worse is our selective outrage. I never supported Trump because he was the type of guy I thought I'd like to spend time with. I think he'd be good to help with the US's terrible financial predicament. Christians don't look to the City of Men for heroes, but for generals and financiers. I take it for granted that most people are contracepting, bigamous, greedy, etc. Trump is all these things, but not a rapist, it seems. Bill Clinton is a rapist, it seems, and his wife bullied his victims. She is also a rapid abortionist, and Trump is tepidly pro-life.

Image result for hillary clinton defending rapistMy question is, why are my female Facebook friends (okay, with a few exceptions) dumping on Trump because of his alleged sexism and racism, but not on the Clintons' worse sexism? Is it because they cannot believe that a woman could be the way Hillary actually is, or because they have been manipulated by the MSM?

Society is deeply divided by gender. This election shows that.

I think all politicians are scum. And, it is harder for a rich man to get into heaven than... I remember Glenn Beck practically anointing Ted Cruz with holy oil as the next messiah at one point. Americans Protestants are wont to do things like this. Do they really think that a man who serves mammon does actually really serve God too? They seem to act as if they think this way.

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