Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ad Hominem Souffle!

An homage to Karen Straughan of Girl Writes What, a men's rights activist. You can see the first part of the videos I will be talking about here.

I made the 'mistake' of watching these videos, and now this picture keeps appearing on my YouTube homepage:

You might be thinking, "Big deal. It's a cute young couple."

I might have thought that before watching the videos, but it's not possible to me now. This is what I see now:

1) a couple who will not last the year (I hope.)

2) a man who needs to man-up and live out his beliefs honestly

3) a spoiled woman-child

My two television fictional heroes of the last ten years would include'Robert Goren' from Law and Order: Criminal Intent and 'Gregory House' from House. Why? Because they are the geniuses who can solve mysteries that elude everyone else, while being eccentric and, especially in House's case, non-PC.

Now, in their profiling tradition, I am going to profile these two people, and how what their podcast reveals what is actually rather apparent in their pictures, if you know how to look. If I fail to convince you, well, blame TV.

Let me start with the girl, since I am actually more interested in the guy.

The girl's name is GeeGee, or is it GG? I neither know nor care.

Look at her. At first flush she looks like a neat, interesting, empowered, 'out there' girl. See her funky earrings and kimono, or whatever it is. With her boyfriend she hosts a podcast called Dirty, Sexy, Monogamy, I think it is called. Cool. Not. Consider the words. Radical and yet safe. Dirty - oh, you go girl. And yet monogamy - safe, control, limits, wisdom? This title exemplifies perfectly the sort of eat cake, have cake too of modern feminism and liberalism. What do I mean: Bernie Sanders the socialist with three houses, environmentalist jet-setter, Al Gore, and now here, no taboos from traditional Christian sexual morality, but all those parts of it that I like, such as monogamy. Monogamy for her means control everything her man thinks, says and does.

Look at him. Mike is his name. Picture perfect gentle man. Like Trudeau. The exact thing women expect a man to be, need a man to be, insist a man be. You know the reason why men grow long beards these days? Until a few weeks ago I had been letting my hair grow long. Yes, it was a rebellion against the Super Ego. The beards of hipsters are telling women (i.e. today's 'the man') that they are not going to live how women wish them to. I am reminded of that episode of Sponge Bob when he becomes "normal."

His lips are pursed - does that not smack of anxiety and hyper-self-consciousness aroused by this tyrant-woman he has let control his life? And look at his perfect beard. His inoffensive buttoned-up collar shirt. There's a guy to make every woman feel safe. A man with no thoughts of his own to challenge queen Her.

Oh, but he does have thoughts of his own - judging from the video, he is actually rather intelligent and, moreover, rational. He is perfectly willing to question his presuppositions based upon new evidence. Insofar as she lets him.

She, on the other hand, is a dogmatist. She is juvenile. She learned everything about the world by twenty and is determined to fit everything new she meets into those rigid categories. Her response to the fact that there are 900 university programs dedicated to women studies in the US and only one dedicated to the study of men is okay in her opinion because ALL OTHER PROGRAMS EVERYWHERE ARE THE STUDY OF MEN, you know, like math, history and biology.

And, she honestly thinks history means 'his story.' (BTW, Wikipedia say: Greek ἱστορία, historia, meaning "inquiry, knowledge acquired by investigation")

But I don't really care what she believes. Feminists are idiots - hardly news.

I care about him. Poor Mike is shot down time and again to placate her. She seems to me to have gone through life getting everything she wants, from her parents especially, in her college years, in the affirmative action job market, and now by her boyfriend.

Rank and file soccer mom feminists, you know the kind who vote for Hillary because she is a woman and Trudeau, because he is thin, and a self-proclaimed feminist, again, want their cake and eat it too. They want to be uninhibited in their sexual expressions while decrying the self-expression of men. So, be crazy and sexy, but be monogamous in the precise manner in which you are told.

Well, that's great, but what about poor Mike? Is he a picture of 21st century enlightened man, who is ever-solicitous and attentive to the needs of the modern woman, or is he a fragile, insecure man-boy, who has been told his whole life not to be what his intuitions suggest that he should be? Here's where I need some help from Goren and House. What makes a man like this? An absent father who has made him reliant on his mother's attentions, a woman who, naturally, responds more positively to femininity than masculinity when according praise to her children? Sounds possible.

Image result for beard
A big middle finger to Mrs.The Man.
Now, to be fair, I can't stand lives repressed, any lives, whether we are talking men or women. For instance, I encountered an East Indian family the other day and the father acted like his serene highness, dictating to his family how things are going to be. I wanted to punch him in the face. The wife seemed like a neat person, resourceful and cheerful. I get the same feeling when it comes to Mike and GG. That's what this post is about. I want people to be themselves - sure, I want them to be polite and all that - but free to be as dumb, smart, clumsy and awkward as God made them! Poor Mike. What some men won't do for sex and/or affirmation.

A man doesn't need to grow a big beard or even take off his collared shirt to be a real man. But I hope he can wear the same sort of decisiveness that comes from being okay with who he is on his heart. I hope he can live with a healthy amount of independence from the Super Ego of the modern gynocentric world in which we live. Men (and women) shouldn't ever be so sensitive that they are afraid to do what they know is right. Mike, obviously, doesn't agree with a thing his girlfriend/podcast partner believes. How can it be moral for their relationship to continue? Anne-Marie and I do not agree on everything, of course, but we do agree on the fundamentals. As a result, we are not colleagues and best friends, but we are good enough husband and wife, raising awesome kids.

Image result for catherine doherty

Here's a perfect way to end a post like this. A picture of two homies doing their own thing in the way they liked. Catherine Doherty and Jean Vanier.


I leave you with this:

The one great rule for dealing with social justice people:

Never trust a human being who does not care that you find it offensive when people tell you that you cannot say what you like because it is offensive.


  1. Lots to think about here Colin. Ironically, in feminism there certainly seems to be a need to have male acceptance/submission for ideas presented. I find it hilarious that at school we have these pink days. Pink for everything. It's hyped up like crazy. Then me and the other two male teachers here show up wearing non-pink shirts. You can tell we upset some of the staff members. Meanwhile the young boys in the class look up at us with a sense of admiration. And the vicious cycle of misogyny continues for another generation (in the eyes of those upset). And we're just sitting there like: "I don't like pink so I won't wear it." Thankfully, deep down men are stubborn, and it only takes a fraction of true male influence to overcome years of attempted brainwashing.

  2. I am glad men are stubborn. It helps offset our spineless appeasing tendency that created this whole mess! Good work!