Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fam Pics

This narcissist hardly ever posts pictures of his family anymore. Here are a few from my trip to NS (home) with Rebecca and Stephen.

Okay, this one is none-too-flattering. But when you hungry, you hungry. The kids got to eat million dollar treats at Pavia in the library, so I had to make do with $3 street meat.

Chillin' with the cousins at Dingle Tower. Good day of me pretending to be an energetic, youthful uncle, you know, actually playing with kids. We played keep-away n' stuff with a football in the park there.

The school where they film the CBC show, "Mr. D," was built after I moved away, so I have never seen it up-close. We were excited the day before this picture was taken when we drove by and saw the show's school sign was on it - Xavier High. When we took the picture, though, the school's actual sign was up - Citadel High School. No Gerry Duncan sightings, or Mr. Leung and Gewy. 

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