Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I'm Just Going to Tell Them

Sorry, guys, but I'm tired of being the heavy. I'm tired of telling the ladies what I think (which is nine times out of 10 also what you think) and getting blamed for it. It's not the being blamed for it that bugs me so much as it's the being singled out by women as the rudest, crudest person ever because of your silence. I wasn't raised to be quiet or to enable people's self-delusion. Sure, most guys aren't quite as opinionated as me, but most have opinions, and they are not always what they seem to be...

So, guys, you drove me to it:

I am sure that much of this will come as a surprise to you. I am sure that many of you will simply think that this is Colin, once again, going too far, blowing things out of proportion. Thus, many of you will continue on much as you have, believing that you are just as smart as you have always thought you were.

One thing that will keep you in your self-delusion is the fact that:

In other words, as a woman ages, people see her differently, although they seem to be treating her more or less the same. She is probably at her most physically "powerful" at around twenty, I guess. But our education system being what it is, she is probable as empty-headed as she ever was. But why do men hang on her every word? I can tell you, it more than likely ain't because she has anything wise to say. It takes time to become wise. As she grows in know-how, she also grows in power. Some people simply respect her because of her age (which they should) or because she is a mom (again, it is good that this is respected). Age and motherhood are actual achievements, I believe. But she might also have achievements in other fields - she is the only one in the office who knows how to do X, Y, or Z and therefore she is a valuable commodity. Of course, at fifty she isn't sending shivers down men's spines, at least perhaps to the degree she was at twenty.

I think this inverse graphs indicates that women can be humored their whole life long. Of course, even in the case of a woman who is truly wise, if a man is not wise, he can still humour her, believing he is right and she is wrong, but not telling her so...

The fact is, men and women do not naturally agree as much as men agree with men and women agree with women. If you do not buy this, it is simply because you are an idiot and there is nothing I can do for you. Well, I suppose I can distract you with a happy picture, while the adults read on:

So, as I was saying, men and women see the world differently. They should, because they are different and it would be weird if they didn't. I get suspicious when they don't. "What are you trying to pull?" I think, usually about the guy. To answer this question, return to the Venn Diagram at the top. One of the ways women are different from men, is that women feel more and differently than men. That's good, because, it keeps babies from getting eaten by lions and their diapers clean. Men feel less, and that keep men from trying to negotiate with criminals intent on killing, raping, etc., them and their families. These two complementary strategies have proven enormously effective, seeing that humanity is now entering into its, what, 150,000 year as a species?

Nevertheless, men do not view seat belts, children going out of the house without shoes or jackets, Johnny sixteen-year-old cracking open a cold one, etc., etc., the same way women do. We can't get excited about a woman becoming president, or even head janitor. We don't care one way or the other. A few blogs ago I talk about men and women coming at the modesty question from different angles, but perhaps even seeming to agree about it - that is a coincidence, like how we agree about lions and the evil of poor nutrition. Men want our sons to be healthy, yes, but we also want them to be able to kick some a**, if need be, and so we include this in our thinking about why Johnny should eat his vegetables. When we think about lions, our first thought is, "Can I kick its a**?" This thought never enters a woman's head.

I think men are great. I think women are great. I think children are great. I prefer men. I want to be like a man. I want to continue to think like a man, and do things in a man-way. I don't like when women try to be like men, nor when men try to be like women. I don't like them converging into a hybrid middle state. Homosexuality is an impoverishment; transsexualism is a travesty. But so too is this thing that used to be called metrosexual-ity, which is now often called being a mangina.

In sum, ladies, men are survivors. If they think they need to agree with you to get ahead and stay ahead, they will. Unfortunately, being honest, having integrity, is considered by both men and women of today (and always) as less important than material advantages. Everyone is simply not equipped to be a Socrates.

And, by the way, ladies, do you think men talk with each other the way they talk when you are around? Ninety percent of men are two-faced, spineless cowards. Five percent are manginas. The remaining five percent are either too stupid or too wise to be either.

Now some might being asking themselves, why does such a self-professed Christian Catholic write in this way? Aren't Christians supposed to be kind and always up-building? My answer: it is better to be unkind than it is to deny the truth, than it is to be two-faced. Lies and error have no place in the Kingdom of God. The most tragic thing is that we now have a culture that prizes kindness over truth. But error cannot help us.


  1. I'm with you 100% on this! Just don't tell my wife.

  2. According to some pop psych guy named Eggerichs, men need respect and women need love. Apparently it's a proven fact. But sometimes I have this irrational need for my woman (or some other woman) to respect the truth (which is not the same as but is related to respecting me), even though she really cares about feelings a lot more than she cares about the truth. I suppose I'm either exceptionally stupid or exceptionally wise. -DM

    1. I do too, and that's the problem. So the question is, should men just keepe their truth conversations between themselves?

    2. No. That would be to nurture, foster, and encourage vicious behavior. Hell hath no fury... before which we need abjectly cower. (And obviously, there isn't really a clear "man vs. woman" dichotomy here, even if in general there are certain typical "man vs. woman" differences.) (Also, I'd be interested to hear what our wives would say if they got together and talked about us.) -DM

    3. I imagine the phrases "thinks he's always right," "book learning," "commonsense," and "resents his mother" might appear.