Monday, January 11, 2016

Stalin is Not Dead

You might have noticed that I haven't blogged anywhere for a while, neither here, the SCCB site, nor the CRB. Why? I don't know. Busy? I guess, but also not interested in politics. Quite disdainful of the whole business, really. People are very disappointingly depraved.

Just read an article by a fine contributor to First Things. It was written a few years back. I was linked to it via a new article of his. The article in question was called "The Last of Stalin's Foot Soldiers," and addresses the basic fact that left wing scholars have not yet come to grips with Stalin's crimes. I never realized the scope of this problem, and the fact that socialism still dominates our politics makes this a particularly regrettable fact. Now, you might insist that there is a distinction between socialism and Marxism, but there is not. Indeed, given the constants of human nature, there is no distinction between Marxism and Stalinism. Totalitarianism in economics is totalitarianism in everything. That is why the benign-looking socialism of Sanders, the NDP, all, must be opposed always. That is why gun rights must always be defended. That is why all free speech must be defended - even that of Charlie. I might have lost some of you there, but no one has yet convinced me how barring any one thing from criticism does not lead to barring a great deal of things from criticism. Christ will forgive or avenge the insults directed toward Him; I am sure He has thicker skin that me, and mine is pretty thick.

Looking back, none of my teachers said anything about Stalin. They said a great deal about Hitler. Certainly, his crimes were better hidden, but the fact is, Hitler has few living reputable defenders; Stalin has scads.

It's not about historical ignorance anymore. Stalin's archives have been well explored now. But where's the condemnation? People still wear Che Guevara t-shirts.

The left target Harper and ignore China (talk about 'straining a gnat'). Michael Moore praises Cuba because he is a socialist, not because he is an unbiased observer.

All socialism is creeping Stalinism. The deceptiveness of American left-wing politics as displayed by Obama and by Hillary Clinton's mentor, Alinsky, is a means-to-an-end strategy to bring about a socialist revolution in the US. First, disenfranchise Christians. Marginalize them as hateful extremists. Second take away guns. Third, get people dependent on government (with government jobs, with medical care, education, environmentalism, etc.) Fourth, bankrupt the economy with debt. (If you ever wondered how any politician can rationalize debt it is because the left wants debt! Realizing this was like the lights finally coming on for me.)

I don't feel like saying anything more. But if there is one take-away from all of this it is that all socialism is Marxism and must be opposed always.

This conversion of Russia nonsense. Does anyone understand that Russia was chosen by Our Lady because it was the heart of godless anti-Christianity? Was. Was. Now it is the left wing parties of the West.

So bear in mind: every government policy brings us one step closer to Marxism. Every 'free' this or that. None of it is good.

Thus, this rubric for interpreting the Church's social teaching: in themselves free this or that is good, but not in the context of actual creeping Marxism. The state must diminish. The Church should begin to teach this more clearly. The modern state is the enemy of Christ, because it is the enemy of free human choice.

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