Friday, June 26, 2015

The Normal Associated with Gay Marriage

"Stacey, your father and I don't want
you to see that boy again.
His neck is too short."
"But mom!"
Big news about gay "marriage" today, if you think that what Caesar thinks is important, if you still believe that your nation state is your community.

Of course, one of the things that comes into play in this issue is the word, 'normal.' Both sides claim that word for themselves.

But I say that word is not all it's cracked up to be, and I say that it's normal for people to be abnormal.

While it was totally unthinkable just twenty years ago (let alone 200 or 2000 or 200,000) that men having sexual relations with men would be put alongside fruitful heterosexual intercourse, some people act now as if it is obvious it should be so considered. These are people who either have no sense of history and/or biology or think that these two things should be weighed relative to other things like whim and feeling.

And then they pull out the demographic argument, stuff like X number or X percent of people can't be wrong, can they?

Yes, they can. In fact, being wrong is what we have always done best. It's what's normal to us:

- millions of Russians thought they should kill and rob rich people
- millions of Chinese thought the same
- thousands of Germans thought they should invade Poland and Czechoslovakia because they had a better claim to it than the Czech and Poles
- England went from building glorious cathedrals and going on pilgrimages to murdering priests in the wink of an eye
- France went from building glorious cathedrals and going on pilgrimages to murdering priests in the wink of an eye
- billions of people have believed in a God they had no experience of or ever seriously thought about
- millions of people stop believing in this God when they were told to
- millions of people buy products, which they believe are necessary to them
- millions of people believe they deserve and require more money than they will ever spend
- thousands of people believe they have had experience with alien life-forms
- thousands of people believe that the US has a worse human rights record than China
- people have always generally believed that human slavery is morally acceptable
- millions of people believe that abortion is morally acceptable
- millions of people believe that euthanasia is morally acceptable

In other words, the human race has a very poor record. This is just one more of the same. In this case, a short-lived absurdity, like hoop-skirts, powdered wigs and bell-bottoms; or worse, genocide, abortion and wars of aggression.

A man who has a disinclination towards fulfilling his biological imperative and inclination to intimacy with a man is something to be remarked upon. It doesn't require a doctrinal commitment to notice its peculiarity. That we call it good and normal is just us doing what we do best, living inside the cave and calling images on the wall real stuff. We are extraordinarily gullible as a species. We will believe in homosexuality until the powers-that-be tell us to stone them.

In other words, homosexual marriage has less of a place in human history than sacrificing guys on big stumps of wood does.