Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Graphic Aids for the Slow-Witted

Much controversy has been raised re. my latest post and an incidental comment I made re. the legitimacy of not dressing up for Sunday mass.

Some people thought I said it was wrong to dress up.

Some people thought I said we must all be exactly as St. Francis.

Other people read carefully.

So, here are some graphics to aid comprehension. After all, some of us are visual learners. I think these are all pretty self-explanatory.

So, I think these charts will finally put this issue to rest.

Oh, I forgot this one:


  1. HAHAHa. I completely forgot you made that comment about dressing for mass. I tagged you because we've discussed it before and I thought you'd enjoy the article written by that bishop. But thanks for the visuals. I still don't understand them but they're pretty.

  2. Lol, these are good. Thanks for sharing.

    Following the first, sixth, and last figures, would is also mean that there's a trend between having more faith and lifting weights? 'Cause in the last post you said that [you] build up bicep strength by repeatedly stressing it but cannot give [yourself] faith in this way. I'm confused ;)

    1. This Venn diagram does not show cause and effect, but coincidence. You are meant to irrationally infer cause and effect, like when we note that most criminals commit crimes after eating potatoes - did the potatoes make them do it??!!! lol

  3. I have absolutely no ability to learn through visual aids! Two things: I actually can't think of anyone at our church who wears a suit on Sunday's. Also, the majority of tshirt wearers are little kids, so the high percentage of tshirt wearers and non-contracepters can be explained that way! By the way, if we don't contracept, are we cepting?

    1. are you suggesting that I need to grow up?

      contraception is a flammable/inflammable thing, I'm sure.