Monday, June 29, 2015

Gay Makes me Feel Better about my Shitty Situation

I don't usually use language of this nature, but perhaps it is justified by the punch it conveys.

When you think of those who support homosexual "marriage" most of all, it's the young. And, of course, it's easy to disparage the views of the young. But it's not only the young that support it, but predominantly, it is. And I would say that you could probably inversely graph support for gay "marriage" against age and it would look like this:

Yes, I am into graphs these days.

The point of this post is to answer a part of the "why" that came to me today.

I think a lot of young people support gay "marriage" because it permits them to discount the bad marriage they came from at home. If 50% of kids are now from broken homes, there you have 50% of kids who are struggling to understand what to make of their "bad" family. What's wrong with us?they wonder, even if not always consciously. But if marriage is a flexible polymorphous thing, then it's no big deal what happened to my family.

If it sounds a little far-fetched then I don't think you are really aware of the fundamental role that family life has in the formation of one's sense of self.

The obsession with not wanting to appear judgmental (the chief sin in our Post-Modern world) is because we know that our lives cannot stand up to scrutiny. I call it the "American Beauty effect."

Now, I hate bashing conservatives, but they do tend to believe their lives can stand up to scrutiny, and that is why they are more inclined to adhere to objective morality. Both approaches are wrong. As Tolstoy said, I love the truth so much that I teach it even when I fail to live up to it, or something to that effect. I agree. Conservatives love rules, because they have managed to abide by them. Liberals hate rules and love compassion because they recognize their own incompetence. Can you imagine Bill Clinton not supporting gay marriage? Who the hell does he think he is given rules to others! And that's why he doesn't insist on any rules governing personal conduct.

Conservatives are proud and liberals are libidinous. Conservatives see themselves as alphas, liberals betas. Kids of divorced parents see themselves as betas and try to cast that in the best light possible. One way is to say that the rules don't matter and that they were created by bad people anyway. Sounds a lot like Karl Marx, doesn't it? It's the quintessence of left-wing psychology.
One might add: cheated on his wife.
Didn't believe in marriage. How convenient.

Gays are losers - that is how they see themselves. No one has to treat them that way; they already see themselves that way. They feel better once they cast the "rules" aside and they feel twice as good when they call it compassion and revolution and progress.

And yet, we recognize that the rules aren't what the conservatives make of them; they were given by God. They were given by God for our good and our happiness.

And since this is so, gay cannot make you feel better about your shitty situation, at least not indefinitely, and this is why there is so much suicide. Especially by the most desperate, the so-called trans-gendered. All the sympathy in the world will not bring an end to the trans-gendered suicide epidemic. In fact, saying the rules don't matter, makes it worse for them, because they adopt a losing strategy, rather than seek the help they really need. They were not made into the wrong sex; that was not their problem; abuse and other things are to blame.

If you get rid of God, all you have left is the word of man. If men think you are a loser, who will ever love you unconditionally, if there is no God? The homosexualists have a whole set of conditions: you must believe what they tell you about yourself otherwise they will treat you like a pariah.

God does not think you are a loser because you are too short, are not handsome, are big-boned, have a big nose, are too masculine for a woman, too feminine for a man. But if there is no God, no objective rules, then you condemn yourselves to the blind judgments of men.

It's not easy coming from a shitty family. Dad left, mom sleeps around, brother goes to strip clubs... And yet God's plan for marriage and family is a great blessing to the world. Saying life is only what you wish it to be is of no help to anyone. Just because you came from something shitty, doesn't mean you deserve to continue on in something shitty.

But God loves losers. I'm one of His favorites!

A face that God could love. Thank God!

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