Friday, May 29, 2015

The Rest of the Movie

Okay, the rest of Interstellar was better than I had anticipated.

The best thing about it was how quickly they got to space. Unlike a movie like Armageddon that spends like three-quarters of its time telling us "how dangerous the mission is going to be," and forcing us to watch long-goodbyes when all we want is adventure and sci-fi, Interstellar goes from "hey, you should go to space," to "bye, gifted daughter," to "3, 2, 1 blast-off" in about one minute. Very rare progression and very effective movie-making.

I don't have much more to say about the dumb things that I spoke about in my last post. All the talk of the Earth getting tired of us was limited to the first 37-minutes (thankfully). There was good amounts of sci-fi, like the whole speeding up time thing near the black hole.

What about the message of the movie, that we can make it on our own without help from aliens (or from God)? Meh, as with most sci-fi - everything from Alien to every good zombie movie - just ignore their dumb philosophies and enjoy the action. Eternal life living in a five-dimension book shelf as the goal of human evolution? Nah, I like the Christian version better.

On the plus side, I didn't have to listen the main star's faux Southern-boy accent. Also, the Jodie Foster character wasn't as obnoxious. Pretty, like Richie Cunningham's daughter, you know who I mean.

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  1. Sounds close enough to an endorsement for me. I guess I can go ahead and watch it now. Love sci-fi movies.