Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Good Things about Dieting

Yes, dieting is hard. It is a First World problem that we all have to deal to some degree. But I have discovered that there is an 'up side' to it as well.

1. You save a lot of money.

2. The food you do eat tastes way better.

3. You waste less time in the bathroom.

4. Less indigestion.

5. You feel proud / happy of your accomplishment.

6. Clothes fit better.

7. You have more energy / zest for life.

8. You suddenly get to act like a health guru.

9. You get to tease your fat friends (who are actually still thinner than you, but that's quite beside the point).

Have I missed anything?


  1. How about ... you set a good example for your kids and others.

  2. Kevin, I was thinking about it from a purely selfish perspective to balance-off the pain of hunger. But, yes, that is a good one, and selfishly phrased: "(10) the knowledge that you are providing a good example to your kids and others."

    Also, (11) it's easier to get around.