Sunday, April 5, 2015

He is Risen and He Gives us Strength

Not much going on these days worth mentioning, other than the continual persecution of the true Faith by Muslims and homosexualists.

As to the latter, in light of all that has come out recently vis a vis the Indiana fracas, what can I say other than this is all good. As homosexualists begin to shed their false claim to victimization and become the persecutors, they cannot but loose their hold on fanciful thinking. Although I have little faith in modern man, the fact is, once they shed their image as a persecuted minority and begin to assert their absolutist designs, the lazy voter will change his view of them from harmless and vulnerable innocent to ideological extremist. This will be a switch like that which communism underwent as a movement in defense of the poor and exploited to those of revolutionary extremists. People were slow to catch on then, and they are now too. But the point remains: despite the case that, for instance, Nazis made for the 'proper Teutonic' interpretation of the Bible, it failed to convince everyone. And although I am sad to see otherwise smart Christians catch on to the nefarious character of the homosexualist movement, it will not convince all. In the 1930s and 40s it was pounded into German Christian heads that Nazism and Christianity were completely amenable to each other, and that Christianity really meant to teach the same things Hitler was teaching. Now we have a NYT editorial saying that Christianity's position on homosexuality is just the erroneous aggregation of scattered texts. Just the tactic the Nazis employed: what Christianity really meant to say is... you know that kind of thing.

I am most disappointed in people who still tend to think that the issue is about reaching out to marginalized homosexuals. Kind of like talking about marginalized Muslims. Yes, there are marginalized homosexuals and Muslims, but that is quite beside the point. Christians are being, killed, fine and jailed. Why don't you stop apologizing for the persecutors of your Christian brothers? It is because you think that peace is possible. It is not possible. Christ and the devil cannot agree. And you simply have to accept that homosexualists are dangerous extremists who would treat Christians just like the Nazis and the communists did if and when they have the chance. Don't let history make a fool out of you.

And you know what, Nazis needed jobs and love and so did Stalinists. But they would still kill you. People are free and they can make their choices. The moment they decide to make your religion illegal is the moment you should stop defending them and start fighting back. It doesn't matter that they had a hard life up to that point. They are now making a decision and they need to be dealt with when they chose to infringe on us.

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