Thursday, March 12, 2015

The New Church of Externals

It finally dawned on me, how to articulate my dismay at the papacy, the College, the Synod, their journalists. Since Vatican II - though with an extended hiatus from 1978 to 2013 - modernity is obsessed with externals, and so too all of these ecclesiastical entities I have listed.

Okay, this is just here for a cheap laugh.
Vatican II is known for two things in general: reform of the liturgy and statements about socio-political things. The liturgy is about seeing now. And statements are about seeing. Statements and policies are not about doing things, they are about saying things, that is, about telling others that your views are in ascendancy.

I am not saying that statements have no purpose at all, as Arch. Cordelione is proving at this moment. He is teaching completely secularized people about Church teaching. I am saying, however, that statements and reform of liturgical forms are the law not the spirit, and that is not what real Christians are concerned about.

When was the last time Pope Francis fans talked about his teaching on prayer? No, they talk about his potential changes of policy. They talk about what he does on the outside, not on the inside.

Are modern people incapable of understanding that there is a spiritual life and that, in light of it, external realities, those things represented by the policies they obsess over are, these things are ridiculously irrelevant?
The Christian ideal:
"I came that they might have life and have it abundantly."

Policy is a surrogate spirituality. It turns the soul made to travel the spiritual heights of the heavens into a bureaucrat.

Even liturgy has turned from the place of signs of spiritual realities into reality itself. The form has become the matter.

In a sense, what is lost, what is gained, in fights with the UN, Trudeau, Obama and Wynne is irrelevant. Christians will not obey evil and false things. I am not saying do not oppose these things. I am saying that these are not life itself. Life is what occurs in the freedom of the soul, not on paper, not in the colour of t-shirts worn on 'support gay-bullies day,' Making things legal or illegal does not change the reality of things. It merely amuses superficial, small-minded materialistic people.

So next time you see someone like this, say to them "Oh, poor superficial, small-minded materialist. I hope some day you discover that there is a bigger world inside of you than can ever be amused with words, statements and policies."

And, for the love of the Holy One of Israel, do not become like them. Your life has open to it an infinitely vast spiritual horizon, where you can enjoy the light and love of God Himself! Why be content with policies and statements when you can have that?!

The most important thing we can do for the world is tell people that this reality exists.


  1. It had never even crossed my mind before that Pope Francis would speak about prayer or spirituality during his Pontificate (nor that speaking on such matters was in the scope of responsibilities of any pope). But for anyone interested, here's a good gathering of fans of the pope who regularly obsess about his teachings on spirituality and avoid talking about any potential changes in policy or custom:

  2. I apologize if my remark was perceived as demeaning or unjust. It was certainly not my intention to offend, and I realize that I may have misunderstood the intended application of the term "Pope Francis fans". Although I disagree with much of the language expressed on LifeSite News, I usually trust that the end goals of the authors are good, and I view their contributions as necessary and valuable. I appreciate that my disagreements may in part stem from a fundamental ignorance of a certain context or tradition, which I hope to better familiarize myself with in the future.

  3. I took no offence, but hadn't had the chance to check the link yet.