Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Epistemology Part Two

I posted the last post while things were still revolving around in my head, and I seemed to be able to get out to my consciousness what I had in mind now:

What bugs me about people (of almost every stamp) is how they look at knowledge as a field less vast or an ocean less deep than it really is.

Also, people make conclusions about life's big matters casually and then insist on these conclusions stringently.

They don't take moral and intellectual formation seriously enough. In fact, people have never been so ignorant about basic morality and have never had such a weak hold on logic than they do today even as post-secondary education proliferates.

People follow fads. They are die-hard environmentalists for now. Die hard homosexualists for now. These are great illustrations of what I have been complaining about. The fact that the majority of people switched from pro-traditional marriage to pro-gay marriage so quickly is not a sign of evolution or development (if, so, how what caused this? someone telling you that what you had previously taken for granted was completely false, and you put up how reasoned a defense in reply?); it is a sign that people go with the flow and believe whatever sounds right at any given point in time.

Is originality a virtue or a vice? It can be both.

As a vice; novelty, baseless, random, no dialogue with greater tradition, aims at scandalizing rather than stimulating thought.

As a virtue: an expression of one's dialogue with God; it is creative, like God is creative.

When one looks at the world around us, one does not see reason and intelligence. One sees people believing and doing things for no good reason. They think they have good reasons, but they can't really explain them nor would they respond intelligently to reasoned persuasion to the contrary. People are preoccupied with goods of a very low order.

People are infinitely manipulable and do not seek out first order goods, nor are they capable of questioning the status quo. I have an inborn habit of expecting more from people. I am so often disappointed.

It's the most glaring things that are really bothersome:

people voting for rich politicians because they believe these rich politicians care about people.

rich people flying about on airplanes to give talks about global warming

using the word tolerance as a hammer to beat others into submission

buying things that cannot ever be paid for

rights without responsibilities

Now, the reason why 'the dress' brought up all this bile from my innards was that I could not believe how people could talk about a picture like that. Surely people are aware of optical illusions, the way light changes the appearance of things? Hey, turn the lights out and things blacken! I promise you, it's true! So, was this in anyway a serious debate to anyone?

What the heck is going on here, dudes? How is that half of a pen floating above the water like that!


  1. I see that pen as white and gold.

  2. Don't even talk to me. The problem is, the more I register my disgust with this the more it encourages people to talk about it.