Monday, February 23, 2015

Spring Draws Nigh

It had become a tradition for me to make a post like this when I began to see that the spirits of my friends and family were lagging because of the cold, darkness and cabin-fever. But I wasn't having too bad a time of it, and kind of forgot. Until a friend said she needed a boost. Of course, I think she asked for this in December. I thought that was a little too early, kind of like a pep-talk after the first kilometer of the marathon.

And then the other day I noticed that it was February 21st. The seasons usually change on the 21st or 22nd and so I quickly calculated that there was only one more month of winter left, officially speaking. That's something to be excited about. It's been terribly cold in Barry's Bay the last few weeks. Even the last month. It's been pretty much -25 every morning we wake up and seems to rarely climb above -15 at the warmest. And yet there is something beautiful in it. When it is at its coldest it's usually sunny, so that's good.

You must have started noticing that the days are getting longer. It's dark by about 6:00 now, compared to 5:00 or even 4:30 two months ago. The official sunset time in nearby Pembroke is 5:46. In a month from now it will set at 7:22, to a large extent because of daylight saving time, which starts on March 8th. So hold your breath till then, I say.

Lent is perfectly timed for people in the Northern Hemisphere. It starts in death, in the dreary hoar-frost of February and ends in the bright, warm, happier days of April, more or less. We can do forty days.

This is the penance we don't chose for ourselves and which we can't do anything about - the best kind for us spiritually.

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