Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sex Ed, Democracy, etc.

There's little to no need for me to criticize the Ontario government's newly proposed changes to the sex-ed program in schools in the province. Many people have done it more learnedly than I can. I want to talk about some general principles.
This is Jeremy. His mental capacity developed to its highest
point at 8. Since then it's been a steady, blissful decline into
democracy. Jeremy is great. He won't bother you at all. He
believes in open-mindedness and yet strictly adheres to
PC orthodoxy. He is the difference he hopes for.

1. Schools should not be teaching about sex and values at all, other than as a theoretical exercise to strengthen thinking skills. In other words, it should presume to have no position on the matter. It has no competence to decide right and wrong. But it does have an orthodoxy. That is a glaring problem.

2. Democracy worked decently well under a generally Christian constituency. It no longer works. It no longer does what people expect it to. It will collapse eventually, and not that far into the future. I predict that in 20-30 years Canada and the US will fragment. US first. Why? Two main reasons: 1) no money. A problem for all non-Christian democracies: desire outreaches resources. Only Christians believe that self-restraint and self-discipline is a virtue. Secularists usually believe that the problem with society is that spelled out by Marx: we refuse to take the money of the rich from them - that is the big problem as they see it. See how healthy that mindset is, how productive it is of a stable, productive democracy... Every democracy in the world is running massive deficits and has massive debt. Nations never pay their debts. Revolution inevitably results as a consequence. Don't believe me? Then you haven't read much history. 2) alienation of key pro-citizen demographic: Christians are family people and pro-stability. Young people are not, unChristian people are always looking for radical change. They offer unsustainable models of governance. But also, and perhaps even more importantly, for every Christian florist or baker who is fined, you loose the allegiance of a great number of people who are more than happy to support and sustain the status quo. When you turn conservatives into radicals you have a real problem on your hands.

3. The case of the Ontario Liberals. Here is a government widely known to have fraudulently wasted $ 1 billion of public money. A government recently reelected. It's the only proof one needs for my assertion that democracy can no longer work. But, the cities of Toronto and Ottawa (not the rest of the province) voted for the lesbian's party anyway. Sure, the alternatives were lamentably bad, but a thief and scoundrel can never be rewarded, even if it means electing idiots.

The reason I bring up the lesbian thing is that it was no doubt the greater factor for the city-people, proving their open-mindedness and all that. But homosexuality is a psychological defect. How do I know this? Because I believe in evolution. So people voted for someone who is defective. How absurd? Not really. In voting for politicians people are always voting for defects. Politicians are, one-and-all, people who are immensely defective, because they are addicted to lying. Lying is not a small fault. A life that is dependent on it is worse than homosexuality per se. Homosexuality is usually the misguided but understandable attempt to cope with the poor circumstances that were a part of one's psycho-sexual development: abuse, absentee parents, etc.

Defective human beings are normative in politics. And don't tell me we are all defective. We are not to the degree that someone who is addicted to lying for sake of material gain is. Perhaps the moral of the story is people deserve democracy. Sure, they do. But what about those of us who hate what the masses are condemning us to?

What is the model here - fascism? Show me a fascist who ever deserved to lead and I will agree. No, it is the old problem to which Plato devoted The Republic, how to govern the blind? People will always be blind, stupid and capable of little more than a servile and hedonistic existence. For Plato philosophy and absolutism was the answer. For Christians it was monasticism and general de-centralization.

Going back to the sex-ed program. Clearly this is the problem, opponents of it believe that sex is sacred and needs to be handled gingerly. Proponents believe that sex is always good and needs to be treated with less reverence. So, you either believe that human beings are different from animals or you don't. It's that simple. Back to democracy: that's a philosophical question of which the every day hedonist is incapable of any reasoned response. He can only think in terms of being a prude versus being open-minded. Idiots think being open-minded is an idea worth thinking about, one that can exhaust all moral discourse.

"Bread and circuses," they say. Today the clowns are the homosexuals.

"Miracle, mystery and authority," said the Grand Inquisitor.
Miracle? Science and progress that can free us from every moral scruple that imprisoned us.
Mystery? Coordinating relativism and political correctness.
Authority? Trusting a government with decisions about your children's upbringing.

Same shit, different religion.

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