Sunday, January 25, 2015

Saying but not Saying

By now you will have no doubt figured out that I am not the biggest fan of Cardinal Dolan. Though I really don't know all that much about him, his failure on the St. Patrick's Day Parade thing left me quite indignant.

And now here's a talk or homily or something on his site (to which NewAdvent links) which I will point to as perhaps a near-perfect instance of rhetorical fraud, and tends to confirm the things I have been feeling about him for a while.

In sum, he says nothing while seeming to say so much. It is perfect in that it attempts to win over conservatives while not doing anything to alienate liberals. Yes, he mentions that word 'contraception' twice in the first bit and yet never actually says it is objectively against Church teaching. A lie of omission? It looks like a very carefully crafted effort to be adamant about being adamant about nothing.

Can't one be chaste while using contraception? One might infer that from Dolan.

Am I wrong? For your consideration...


  1. I have never much trusted Cardinal Dolan. Something about the laughing Irish man makes me suspicious, guess I saw a lot of that growing up. They say they are good Catholics and then they drink everyone under the table on Saturday night. Dolan reminds me of that type of Irish person.

    The Catholic Thing had an article by Father Mark Pilon which is rather alarming on this topic.

  2. Maybe the reference to Pope Francis is taken out of context (?), but he seems like the guy we should be more concerned about ("Why are you always asking about that?" - what kind of answer is that?!). Dolan's main problem is that he seems to be channelling Christopher West, as opposed to, say, Thomas Aquinas. -DM

    1. Yea, that's a bad quote, but sounds like a carefully clipped one on the cardinal's behalf. Thanks for quoting the non-answer part of the pope's answer, Your Eminence, and then leaving us hanging!