Monday, August 4, 2014

Block and Inspiration

I know my 'professional' blogger chums can relate to the ever-present danger of writer's block. It's not like writing a novel, because you are not under the same exacting schedule (usually). Blogging is a fast-paced world where only the few who can stand the pressure survive. Worst still, as a Catholic blogger you always have to have a shiny disposition, or at least seem to in writing.

So, produce like mad and do it with a smile.

On the plus side, Catholic blogging is usually focused on everyday life. There is usually a lot of stuff close at hand you just need to notice it. That sounds easily enough, but what if it  seems like you have already written about everything?

Of course, you haven't. That's not possible.

Here's a few things that have occurred to me today:

1. That you are needed by someone is a fact of every person's life. To live out of the realization is another thing. Someone casually observed that I am really important to my daughters, who happened to be then hanging off me. What could be more obvious, and yet do I think about this and what it should mean for my own behaviour?

2. Here's something new, to me anyway: prenuptial agreements. What's the theological meaning of these? Most of my friends are strong Catholics, thus I never had to comment of the issue. In simple terms: a marriage that could not be effected without a prenup. cannot be considered valid. There are no strings, conditions and doubts attached to a legitimate marriage.

3. Jesus came to a deserted place. Right here. Everywhere.

4. Our society does a bang-up job hiding our ubiquitous spiritual poverty. Happiness is treated as the norm, thus, the evils people endure are not considered human realities, but bizarre, unintelligible afflictions. Thus, we are totally unprepared for them - to help others through them, especially, to not treat them as lepers. Every family deals with: depression, alcoholism, sexual abuse or dysfunction of some kind; add to a great number number of these families schizophrenia, anorexia, and other serious mental illnesses, serious disease and physical disability. Why do we think life can only be happy and successful free from serious concerns like these? Commercials cannot reflect this truth because they could not sell their items within this atmosphere. Movies could not provide the escapism we demand.

5. So many people decry how bad things are getting in the world today, including the world in our neighborhoods, but they fail to see there is only one explanation for this: life after Christ. It accounts for all the rudeness, antisocial behaviour, abuse, harassment, theft, depression, murder, violence, bigotry. The most ludicrous claim is that religion per se causes violence. The data cannot be explained that way. The death of North American civic life is directly the result of atheism, and of the impoverished philosophies to which it gives rise.

6. I don't wish pain on anyone, but I have seen people move from the state where the world is their oyster in youth to something much better. Pain and suffering provided this. Something much better.

7. There is a heresy present in a popular litany to the Sacred Heart, which says that the heart of Jesus is substantially united to God. Nope. If we mean Jesus' actual human heart and or soul we cannot say that it is substantially united to God. The divine substance is one thing, every other substance is not that. We may say His heart was ontologically and personally united to God, but not substantially.

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  1. That's 7 good blogposts write there. Each of them could have had their own posting, and you could have scheduled them, one a day.

    Just thinking out loud!