Friday, August 22, 2014

All Politicians are Psychos

A slight overstatement. I am sure that a few unsuccessful ones are not.

The danger with us Catholics - the only people I really care to instruct - is that we tend to label the enemies of our enemies our friends. They are not. Muslims who oppose homosexual marriage are Muslims no less, and they will be the ones we will be worrying about in the future, as we think back to the good old days when all we had to worry about was homosexuals and their human rights tribunals.

This post is just a short, gentle reminder that all politicians are addicted liars and an addicted liar is a psychopath by definition. Unfortunately people turn the 'politicians are liars' thing into a joke, like lawyers and used car salesmen. The difference is, used car salesmen only sell cars, and that is but one small part of our lives, or maybe no part at all. Politicians, on the other hand, dominate our culture, and if they are lying psychopaths, our culture then has a very sandy foundation.

This post comes from one thing, an image of former Presidents Bush and Clinton sharing laughs at the various functions they attend. The first time I saw this two thoughts ran through my head: 1) isn't it nice how these ideological enemies can be nice to each other, 2) that's weird, aren't they enemies? What do God and Belial have in common?

But I have a new thought, a third thought: 3) why wouldn't they share laughs? After all, they are the same: liars who get power and money by manipulating their support bases. Yes, I happen to be a part of W's base, and so I want to believe he really cares about the things I care about. But what assures me that he does?

Maybe I am wrong, and W is a really good person. The bottom line is, I urge, when it comes to politicians, the Church has to see in them what they see, for instance, in homosexuals: people in need of help. Addicted liars who are addicted to money and power are deeply in need of our help, not our tolerance and enabling.

So the next time you see Cardinal Dolan laughing hilariously with some abortionist politician, remember he is doing the very opposite of what Jesus did, enabling sinners by not seeing them as sick.

Many Catholics think that the sick are all on the 'other side.' They are all gravely morally depraved, and the Church has a duty to help them.

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