Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Christophobia in Nanaimo

Upon Ezra Levant's request, I sent this to two of the councilmen in Nanaimo who decided to forbid Christians from using public property there, the two most virulent being Jim Kipp and Bill Bestwick.

You can see Levant's coverage here.

Dear Councilmen,

I am sure you never expected to find yourselves in this position. I am sure that the last thing you think of yourselves to be is anti-Christian bigots. But, whether you recognize this fact or not, you are, having bought into the unreflective ideology of homosexualist advocates.

How arrogant it is to imagine that you yourselves have fastened upon something that has eluded humanity for so long - that it is purely hateful to believe that anyone who thinks that marriage should be between a man and a woman only.

Your parents doubtlessly believed this, your grandparents… in fact, I bet every one of your ancestors did, and your relatives likely all did too, perhaps up until very recently. Were these, are these, all hateful people?

Do you know the people whom you have outlawed from your city - do you know what motivates them? Is it hate? Do you know this? Or have you painted with a very large and thoughtless brush a whole huge segment of Canadian society unfairly? That is called, by definition, prejudice: pre-judging someone for some very general presuppositions.

In your tenure as Aldermen for the City of Nanaimo have you noticed hate from professed Christians in your beautiful city? A single instance of this even? You must have, if you are prepared to draw such far-reaching conclusions.

Are you aware that basically 50% of Canadians still believe that marriage should be reserved for a single man and a single woman? Is it possible to describe these people as hateful?

You know nothing, I will bet, about the COO of Chick-Fil-A, Dan Cathy, other than what you vaguely heard about his support for traditional marriage. You do not know whether he is a hateful person or not. You only know that he does not believe homosexual marriage is a good thing. Was Barack Obama a hateful person up until a few years ago, and now suddenly he is not? You know that you do not have enough information to make judgments like this. But you have made these judgments anyway.

You are aldermen. You are not psychiatrists, philosophers, sociologists or anything else of the sort. I don’t know you, but watching the recording of your council session has convinced me that you have very little knowledge upon which to base your actions. You simply have no special insight into the complex issues associated with homosexuality and marriage, let alone into Christianity such that would permit you to adopt such a close-minded attitude in this very complex issue.

I am a Doctor of Philosophy in Theology. I know Christianity. I have studied it for years. The way you and many of your fellow-councilmen have depicted Christians as hate-filled has disgusted me. And it is simply a false depiction of the people you wish to label.

People who conclude that people who see life differently from them must be evil are the worst kind that we see emerging throughout human history. People like you, so ready to dismiss so many good, reasonable people, but people who see things from a different perspective than you. You are as quick to believe the lies spread about Christians as so many German people were to believe the lies spread about the Jews in the 1930s.

I am sure you are feeling pretty stupid about now. You are getting a few pats on the back from the ideologues who originally encouraged you to do what you did, that is to say, from gay-activists. But these voices are fewer than you thought, and they do not help to quiet your sneaking suspicion that you acted hastily. You operated with little to no information and I bet you are feeling pretty embarrassed now. The best thing you can do is apologize, at the very least. You have illustrated how close we all are into spreading the very hate and division we’d like to believe we are all so firmly set against.

You villainized a huge segment of good Canadian people by your arrogant quick-judgment. You overstepped yourself. You thought you knew something, you did not. You are an embarrassment to Canadians coast to coast. How quickly people can be manipulated by activists.

BC is still recovering from its shame from interring the Japanese during WWII. Do you see how dangerous it is to think the worst of people so easily? You thought you were different and better.


Jim Kipp is at (250) 753-5212 and his e-mail is jim.kipp@nanaimo.ca

Bill Bestwick is at (250) 753-7065 and his e-mail is bill.bestwick@nanaimo.ca

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