Saturday, May 31, 2014

Simcha, a Stand-Up Gal

I was edified to hear that Mrs. Fisher has erased the controversial Facebook post. Any reader of my blog knows that I have had to erase things upon occasion.

A person who makes mistakes is a person; a person who admits having made one and does something about it is a Christian.

LifeSiteNews also offered a corrective of sorts and that is a Christian and good journalistic act too.

I was quite impressed by Managing Editor John Jalsevac's attempt to reach out to the Fishers earlier. These things aren't done by pagans.

Now, Hilary, don't you have something to say?


Even though a lot of nastiness spewed out these last few days, personally, I am glad of it. I think it was a chance for many in Catholic cyberspace to reflect on a few things. These include:

1. what is journalism? what is Catholic journalism?
2. how are we to treat the pope?
3. how are we to treat those who disagree with us?
4. do we jump to conclusions too quickly?
5. what is the communal significance of the holy mass?
6. how are dissenting priests to be treated?
7. what role do we have in countering false impression spread about the Faith?
8. what is justified and unjustified anger?
9. what duty do we have to fostering unity among Catholics online?

Maybe I'm just glad it wasn't me who was the hothead this time?

**** Okay, so she hasn't removed it and seems that she was apologizing for something else. I can take solace in Augustine's words that when you praised the good which turned out not to have happened, well, you still praised the good. At this point, I have nothing further to say, but just hope that people mature in Christ! It gets to the point when you realize that you need to look elsewhere for spiritual nourishment, and to stop putting your faith in man. ****

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