Monday, March 3, 2014

Crimean War II

Tolstoy fought in the Crimean War and
produced this work as a reflection
of his experiences.
I have a soft spot for Russia. It is the land of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. I'd like to believe it could actually some day be the "Holy Mother Russia" it always wished, nay, presumed it was. My mind spent its teenage years in Russia.

But I want Russia to be roundly pummeled by the very people I so roundly dislike: Obama and the EU.

First of all, Tolstoy won't be at this Crimean War, and so I don't mind about a new Charge of the Light Brigade (probably M1 Abrams and Leopard 2s, which are by no means light - both weigh more than 60 tons a piece).

Second of all, Putin, for as much as I have enjoyed him sticking it to the West vis a vis abortion and homosexualism, is a thug, a bad man. Obama is a bad man too, but he has not infringed on another nation's sovereignty, per se.

Tertiarily, Ukraine is a good nation going through a bad time. It has suffered unbelievably in the 20th century, mostly always courtesy of Russia.

Putin has made a reasonable gamble. Obama has no stomach for war. Nor the EU. It is altogether conceivable that Russia will walk away with at least a chunk of Ukraine, to the shame of the UN. Thugs cannot be allowed to prosper.

The good that can come out of this is that either Putin will get the bloody nose he deserves and desperately requires, or Americans will realize that they need a real leader.

The baptism of Grand Prince Vladimir.
Americans have a duty to the world that they have been squandering under their president. Americans have gotten themselves into their mess because they believe there is an actual world where everybody should be able to afford everything they want, marriage means nothing, abortion is without consequence, Westerners are always wrong in whatever they do politically, and government should be able to spy on private citizens, just because Obama knows better.

Putin ain't gonna bake your cake. So what are you going to do about it?

I need to add that I am ashamed that the Canadian government has stated that it has positively ruled out military intervention. Doing nothing when bad men pick on the innocent is not pacific but cowardly. I hate the idea of good people dying over a senseless act of aggression over a meaningless thing called a 'border.' But even more do I hate the idea of abandoning the innocent. No, violence should not be the first action; it should be the last; but never ruled out entirely.

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