Thursday, February 6, 2014

Update on The Catholic Review of Books, and what it means to me

I am sure many of you readers are getting hounded enough by my Facebook updates as it is (if not, make sure you 'like' the Catholic Review of Books on Facebook, so I can do that to or for you).

But this blog is where I talk about myself on a more personal level. Go to the Catholic Review of Books website if you like to read about books from the perspective of Catholics. Go to this blog if you want to hear about me! At the CRoB you get the professional me. Here you get me with all my warts and insecurities (note: the first was metaphorical, the second literal).

1. Took Isaiah to the high school last night for a sort of first orientation kind of thing. The school is really nice, materially speaking. The principal told me that he is trying to open up the weight room to the public - that is very excited to me! But more to the point, Isaiah is growing up and that makes me mad and scared and proud.

2. Anne-Marie is just doing so great with the pregnancy. I don't mean it's been easy for her. I mean she is so brave to jump over all the many hurdles that she has to. It's winter, man, and she is very physically limited. That deserves some kind of award in and of itself. No?

3. Things are going great with LifeSiteNews, I have to say. I am just really happy with their management, the skills I am gaining. It is a real God-send. He is so good! Let me link here to the two stories I am most proud of so far: the one on the defamation suit against Free Dominion and the one of the B.C. ruling that food and water are 'basic care.' The first I like because it is really well researched (in my humble opinion), the second because it is not only a 'happy' story, but I think that my article can actually help to improve the world, even just a tiny bit.

I am only part-time with LSN as yet. The Review, of course, takes up a lot of my time. As does my research and my family life...
Here's me in my new shirt.
I look really obese, but it's just the camera.

4. Please pray for the success of the Review! I think it is just such a great thing. I hope you will too. I am really happy with the way it is developing - the great writers who have contributed to it, the graphics-genius, Pat Wilson, the gifted artist, Anna Pierlot...

But I feel like an artist myself about to bring forth something, something, in this case, for God. I am very proud and excited, but also full of hope that I can just keep making the Review better and better. This edition is going to be about 50 pages long. I would love the next to be even longer, like perhaps 70 pages. I hope you, dear reader, will be able to support it financially, as you have been in your prayers.

* will you believe that as I wrote the above sentence, an email just popped-up from someone asking about subscriptions. God is good, all the time.

I better answer that email before they change their mind!

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