Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bullies and the Idiocy of Liberals

Not my best title.

Anyway, I have been contemplating this topic for a little while, basically since I went to the high school with Isaiah for an information night, and picked up a pamphlet on it. I read it attentively because, well, who wouldn't be concerned about the big scary *public* school his son is about to enter?

The thing that stood out for me was the process and the 'consequences' of bullying. I use the term consequences loosely. There were none. The fact is one thing trumps another: the fact that all kids have a 'right' to go to public school, means bullies have a right to never ever be kicked out, no matter what they do. See the problem?

The 'process' involves the victim documenting the bullying. Onus on victim. And then repeatedly consulting authority figures.

I mean one punch in the face is something we can all deal with. Getting punched in the face, writing about it, and then talking about it only too...

get punched in the face again, write about it and talk about it again, only to...

get punched in the face again (harder now, because you told), write about it and talk about it again, only to...

give up, leave the school yourself, and be home-schooled, having learned that the only safe place in the world is your house and that the spoils go to the strong.

This is what this pamphlet effectively said. How much money went into producing it? I don't mean printing cost. How many experts were consulted? How many man-hours went into it?

Zero-consequence thinking like this can only be produced by liberals who simply need to believe that there is no such thing as a bad kid who needs to be kicked out of school. These are the same people who imagine that bullying is about gay children being made to feel bad by Christian children who, if they would only escape from their parents' backwardness, would come to see the light. It's the idea that ideas can change people, not brutal consequences. Trudeau thinks we just need to understand terrorists. Terrorist only know fear. They respect strength. So too bullies.

If anyone ever touches my children, and the kid is not disciplined in a way that I consider just, I will defend them myself. I have no problem with this. A parent who does not defend his children is simply a bad human being. Educators who fail to protect children are guilty of the same abuse of which the bully is guilty.

Imagine, a pamphlet which directs all the consequences of bullying at the victim!

I have heard and seen too many times how the current approach of schools fails to protect children. Do bullies listen to all the feel-good pink clothing stuff that 'wimps' are peddling? Does that gain their respect? Who do they think these bullies are? What image of them do these educators have? You can't wish away the problem of evil.

A family I know has a boy with a learning disability. How many times have I heard the mom complaining about the failure of the school to do anything about the bullying he received, the school to which my son will be going in September. Another family in the town where I lived last year - a boy, bright as anything, Rain-Man bright, was punched in the face, mother comes to the school that afternoon, and the bully is sitting in the class! Another boy, sweet as anything, slight autism, picked-on and teased so much that he never went back to that school. I took him in last year and now he is home-schooled. Another victory for zero-consequence bullying policies.

His only known weakness: terror at the sight of pink shirts.
It is easier to pick on Christian children who believe marriage is a union of man and woman for life who never lifted a finger against anyone than it is to pick on actual brutes. Cowardice in the administrators, lack of resolve, lack of clear-thinking.

But this is the parenting model espoused by people today. Never spank or impose punishments on your children, that'll teach them.

Nothing angers me more than parents who allow their children to talk back to them and even hit them.

This is the effective tactic of the Ontario government in the Caledonia incident with the Natives. Do nothing, that will teach respect for others' property and persons. There is an interesting piece on it here.

In sum, educators and their government counterparts have Stockholm Syndrome. They fear confrontation with the bringers of violence so they redefine the problem, away from the actual bully.
The real threat. Get 'em!

Sticking your head out legally and morally is too scary a thing for these desk-jockeys. Political correct evasiveness and spinelessness got them to their high administrative positions, and thus they are incapable of acting in a decisive and brave manner.

Being the one caught holding the bag is the number one failure of bureaucrats, but this is the sort of vice that our system is built around.

The most astonishing thing to me is how people can look in the mirror who feel they must shift the blame to others. I worked with people like that recently. Disgusting. I have said all this before.

It is shiftless bureaucrats who enable bullies.


  1. Colin, I completely sympathize. If you defend your kid, you have to also consider that someone might call Child Protection on you. I won't even mind police-- you get a lawyer and they have to proceed by the rule of law. With Child Protection, the rules don't apply.

    I think there should be a rule: if the kid can't behave, he can't come to school. We need to eliminate compulsory schooling. School attendance has to be predicated on reasonable behaviour. It only makes sense. If a kid can't behave, he won't learn and he will disrupt the education of others. A lot of parents would make more of an effort if their little darling couldn't attend school.

    And if they don't attend school, chances are, they will be picked up in some other social services net. They can deal with them.

  2. sounds good to me. this is how things were when I went to school.

  3. Dave and I were talking about this the other day in light of our experience with a few different high schools. The public one of which you speak seems to have a very weak special ed program and does allow bullies to thrive. Interestingly, the Catholic high school at which dave previously taught for four years had an incredible spec ed system which was run by well-known and respected teachers within the schools; dare I say, cool teachers. They worked hard to keep those kids (some with the most tremendous difficulties -attending school ona stretcher due to hydrocephalus) at the centre of the school environment. They created a culture in which bullying of these kids would result in the immediate ostracising of the bully. The spec ed kids were the ones who were high-fiver as they walked down the hall and treated with genuine love and respect.

  4. Continued: (I am going to bully the iPad into cooperation!). Onward: I asked dave what would have happened to some of the bullies that we have heard about at the public high school if they had attended the catholic one that I mentioned. Dave replied instantly that those kids would have been kicked out at first offence and placed in the alternative school - a lock and key sort of place run by a prison-warden like teacher. The culture of the school really comes down to the administration.

  5. One last comment: the muscley guy scared of pink tshirt a is brilliant. I make dave and the kids dress in black on that stupid pink day!

  6. Dave and I had a great talk about all things school on the way home or to (?) the game the other day. On the way to; on the way back we discussed bishops, priests (including one of my favorites, who is also one of your favorites) and churches.

  7. You mean you didn't discuss feelings, NFP and 'difficult' spouses. What are you? Men or something?

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