Monday, November 4, 2013

Investment in Liberalism

It goes without saying that 'big money' and liberalism* go hand-in-hand.

There was once the idea that money and the Christian tradition went hand-in-hand. The Episcopalian Church was the ruling elite for a large chunk of American history. Even today Yale, Harvard, and Princeton  are hugely well-endowed educational entities, but would one call these Christian and traditional? No, as we see in the ruling ethos of these schools, the switch has been a complete one, from Protestantism to a radical secularism. Entities that are considered - within the popular imagination anyway - conservative - like big business - are intimately tied into the reformation of our culture. In Canada, what do the big banks sponsor - usually breast cancer and homosexuality. 'Hollywood' is a word that refers to the massive entertainment industry, centred in Los Angeles. There is nothing more powerful and establishment than Hollywood. It is powerful because it is adept at present itself as anti-establishment. But big money is always by definition establishment. Marx would agree, and he wrote the book on this (literally).

My question is, why is this so? A priest friend (many of you know who I mean), often says "evil is well-financed." Now, outside of the diabolical Michael O'Brien-esque Fr. Elijah (really, its Vladimir Soloviev's A Story of Anti-Christ!) meaning of this, why is this? I suppose most simply, since Luther and since 1789 the new culture has defined itself as critical, or rebellious, or some such term. It is a secular mythology that defines the anti-Christian culture. Even while secularism dominates the Christian tradition, it yet needs to present itself as an underdog.

Liberalism means big money today as much as faking miracles in the Middle Ages was big money. They invented miracles to get pilgrims to go to shrine X, Y, and Z. Today secularists invent things like the homosexual martyrdom of Matthew Shepard, the anti-Semitism of Pius XII (the play "The Deputy", Cornwall's book, and even the supposed great historian, Gary Will's book), and that pedophilia is intrinsic to the Catholic clergy.

All useful lies.

It is useful to believe that homosexuals are healthy because you can make money off of this.
It is useful to believe that abortion is healthy because you can make money off of this.

You cannot make money off of celibacy, chastity, monogamy, or NFP.
You cannot make much money off of the birth of Jesus (but Santa Claus is another matter).
Or the Resurrection of Jesus (but the Easter Bunny is another matter).

Christian life is quite inexpensive: reading, praying, going to mass, visiting the sick.

Liberalism is expensive: drinking a lot, birth control, abortion, many sexual partners, lots and lots of technology and entertainment, amusements, self-indulgence.

Abstemiousness is cheap, self-indulgence costs. The powers that be have a vested interest in promoting the culture of self-indulgence.

* 'Liberal' and its cognates are increasingly slippery bits of nomenclature. Other words often offer better precision, like progressive, left-wing, Marxist, anti-Judaeo-Christian, etc. In the above post 'anti-Judaeo-Christian' is perhaps the best sense.

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  1. Great post. I am going to suggest those Simpson lines as Dave's next method of correction and discipline at school.