Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Yes, I Said 'To Work'

"I'm going to work." The 'to' can be both a particle attached to the infinitive and a preposition. I meant it as the former, sorry. That is to say, I am to be engaged in the act of working in my basement, doing what I consider work, my work: writing. We don't have this ambiguity in Latin or in French.

I am used to the incredulity with which non-academics greet this phrase. Now I live in a blue-collar town where if there ain't sawdust flying, there ain't work being done. This is a hard situation for me. Okay, no, a paper cut doesn't qualify one for worker's comp, but that's not the point. Work is work, and I can getting pretty darn brain-tired after a good day of it! The problem is, for many of my friends and family I am the only academic they know, and the fact that I am unemployed is hardly a sales pitch for this kind of life...

I am excited to announce that I have finally sent off to an academic journal a paper that I have been - no kidding - working on (chipping away at) for over four years. Please say a prayer for me that it is accepted. They might say they don't want it, in which case I will have to send it to another journal. They may say they like it but they'd like to see a few changes. They might simply accept it. Who knows?

Just in case you need some proof that when I say I am working, I am actually working. You writers out there know what I'm talking about... The rest of you think that I am a big fraud! I know you do!

Anne-Marie said to me this morning, "I hope you are going to be more productive today than you were yesterday!"

Like a knife in my heart.

Yesterday, I'll have you all know, in addition to watching Lauren, washing dishes, going to get the mail and going to the grocery store, etc., I read three of Augustine's letters (one of them was quite long), as well as an article on his Confessions, and some other bits and pieces, and I wrote a little bit. I felt very productive.

Even though no sawdust was involved.


  1. You've got my prayers man. God speed!
    My favourite St. Augustine quote - "Therefore do not seek to understand in order to believe, but believe that you may understand."

  2. Speaking writer to writer, yes - I do know what you mean. God bless you.

  3. WRITING IS SOMETIMES HARDER THAN PHYSICAL WORK! Or maybe I'm just more block than writer, hahaha...