Sunday, September 29, 2013

Quick Update

1. I haven't forgotten about my promise to post something on the Holy Father's interview. I am not ready yet. I read it about a week ago, and loved it, but feel that I need to read it again before I can write well. So many people have written about it, and for a time that dissuaded me from adding my two cents, but I think I will, and this for two reasons: much of what has been written has been apologetic, explaining away his challenging comments, rather than confronting them head-on (even if you don't like them!). Two, it is a glorious text, one that deserve added expostulation! But not right now...

2. Amazing homily this morning by Rev. Joseph Hattie, OMI. "Do you believe in hell?" he began. The most powerful part of it for me was his point that self-indulgence leads to greater and greater selfishness, etc. Anne-Marie and I watched the movie "Young Adult" last night with Charlize Theron. Very good, but a little depressing. It was all about a self-centred girl who never grew into a woman. Its vivid impressions helped reinforced Fr. Hattie's point for me.

3. There is no better time and place to be alive than Barry's Bay during this incredible September we've been having. This is the time of year when Canada become the greatest place in the world to live. It's a short period of time, but I am grateful for it.

4. Advancing a lot in my 'ministerial thinking,' but not quite ready to unveil anything...

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