Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mainstream Christian Ideas that Hollywood and other Ignoramuses think they came up with

That's probably the longest title I have yet composed.

You think of things when you lay with your kid as he falls to sleep. I thought of this.

1. Not just (Christians, the baptized) go to heaven.

An ancient realization. It's in the Old Testament, and was accepted by Christians universally: Abraham was there (that Jewish guy). After all, heaven is called the banquet of Abraham - you'd figure he'd then be there. Jesus thought so. As for no baptism, ever heard of the 'Good Thief' (aka St. Dismas)? Also, the idea of 'baptism of desire.'

2. God can be worshiped outside of the Church.

Christians had to cope without churches on and off until the early 4th Century.

3. God is not some bearded man.

The Early Church condemned the heresy of the 'anthropomorphists,' those who think God is like man.

4. God is not white.

Amazing that we figured this out long before there was a Morgan Freeman. Amazing. Strictly speaking, can we even say that Jesus was white?

5. It would be silly to believe that everything in the Bible is literally true.

No kidding! I know the only Christians that secularists are able to pick on are those who think that every word of the Bible is literally true.That's generally called a 'straw man' argument.

6. It is impossible that the world was created about 6000 years ago.

This was widely believed before the birth of modern geology and physics,but no Catholic bishop believes it today, so move on people. Even in the Fifth Century Augustine noticed that the timeline doesn't work seamlessly: Melchizedek, I think it was, must have lived for a few years after having bobbed around in the ocean for those few hundred days of the Flood...

7. Hypocrisy, judgmentalism, etc. are wrong.

Yes, we call these things Phariseeism. Condemning such things makes up a big chunk of Jesus' teaching. But we all judge actions, don't we? Only teenagers can think otherwise. But come to think of it, Hollywood is kind of a teenager phenomenon.

Just a few thoughts.

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