Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rose Dinner

I had the privilege of having attended my first Rose Dinner that marks the National March for Life in Ottawa. It was very good. It was a real who's who of pro-life Canada. One surprise was seeing that someone that I simply assumed was crazy, was actually very articulate and interesting. I am referring to Linda Gibbons, of course, who offered a heart-felt appeal for support for another jailed pro-life crusader, Mary Wagner.

The dinner was excellent and I met a lot of great people. A person who continues to intrigue me is His Grace, Archbishop Lepine. He has a warm and humble bearing. Apparently he is studying English. He speaks well enough, but it is very impressive to me that he wants to be able to take his whole flock under his wing in this way even more effectively.

So, as a blogger, I have to point out a "thing," though. I wouldn't be a very interesting blogger otherwise.

The thing I want to point out concerns the young people. They were there in great number. In fact, they had their own large hall filled. And let me preface my remarks by saying that young people are vital to the prolife movement and are doing a very admirable job. And, they dressed the part. I think they saw this night as a fun night, to dress up and have a good time.

Nevertheless, I could not help noticing the latest style. It is very short dresses. Not, skirts, dresses. The style seems to be to run half-way down the thigh. Now, let me say this, there is no more powerful force behind abortion in the First World than lasciviousness. Unrestrained sexuality, the sexual revolution, has produced these untold millions of abortions. Nothing else is a more significant contributor. So, why can't these young ladies - and we add, their mothers and fathers - see that there is a direct correlation between less-than-modest attire and abortion? Nor am I denying that one can be pro-life and not in favour of Christian sexual ethics. Some are pro-life and yet not pro-Christian. I doubt these girls would fit into that category. I honestly don't think they thought about it, that they made the connection. Surely, abortion is on one extreme of the moral equation. It is evil par excellence. Immodesty is not nearly as grievous a thing. And sure, some adults would be radically pro-life and yet not have a big problem with drinking too much or swearing. These things aren't murder, after all. And me, I've done A and B and yet would never consider abortion even in my darkest day...

Yet, it is odd, isn't it, these young women with their remarkably short dresses? I guess they don't get that abortion in North America primarily pertains to their junta. It is girls in their teens and 20s who have all the abortions. They are the group that all this is about - the Rose Dinner, the March for Life, etc. So, why haven't we seemed to get across to them that the main reason, or a main reason, why abortions occur in North America is because girls in their age group are not protecting themselves from sexualization? I know that in this day and age it is not PC to tell a woman how to dress. I think I would rather do so than let her face the consequences of figuring this all out on her own. I have seen too many young woman end up with the scars of abortion to not want to say something. Sure, they might get mad at me now, but maybe I'd give them something to consider when they find things in their lives not turning out as their youthful idealism had lead them to expect. Abortion happens. A lot.

Anyway, I know that the day after the Rose Dinner there was planned some sort of youth rally-formation thingy. Maybe that was to occur there. Someone let me know.


  1. I agree Colin. Just goes to show that Catholic gals aren't immune to creeping hemlines...especially when they have no one to lovingly point out that the hemlines or necklines are getting ridiculous.

  2. Yup. But it's hard for them to interpret it as love...

  3. It is hard to interpret that as love - because they've been told that their actions don't affect anyone, or that men should "control themselves" irregardless of how anyone around them acts or what they do. And it's complicated by the question that all women are seeking to answer..."Am I Beautiful?" And showing more skin certainly gets more attention/response than not showing more skin.

  4. Well said Dr.Kerr.
    I scratch my head at how most parents I know just don't get the whole modesty thing, let alone how it relates to abortion.

    Therese McDonald

  5. I'm glad I still check in on your blog from time to time Colin. Very well said!

    Dan Millette

  6. Thanks, Therese.

    Dan, my job is to give you reasons to come back more frequently!

  7. Colin, sorry I missed you, I too was at the Rose Dinner and the Youth event the next day. I don't know how many people I spoke too about this issue. I even addressed a couple of young ladies who stopped by my booth. It is awkward for a man (I like to think of myself that way at least) to chat with a young lady about the way they are dressed without seeming like a creepy old guy, so i prefaced my conversation with these two girls with "listen, I'm really not a creepy old guy, but..." I also know plenty of good and holy women that also don't seem to see the connection between sexual sin and the way they dress.
    I can almost forgive the shorter than normal dresses that were seen at the Rose Dinner as a "let's get dressed up fancy for the dinner." that is what that event has become. It is the yoga pant phenomena that has me continually baffled. When I was speaking to these girls I joked that, "When I went to school, girls wore that under their skirts, not as pants." The girls laughed but didn't get my point until I said to them that tights are an undergarment, not a pair of pants.
    I think modesty in dress definitely needs to become a priority in schools and in settings like this. (as well as preached on the pulpit) It is getting harder and harder to find any clothing for our daughter, who wants to dress modestly. AHHHH!
    (oh, by the way, this subject was not brought up at the youth event the next day)
    Pax my friend,
    Brady (from PEI)