Friday, February 15, 2013

I Weigh in on the Papacy

Like many of you I was shocked, but not theologically jolted, nor was the Holy Father's decision a jolt to my understanding of him psychologically. In fact, there was nothing less surprising, really.

But there is nothing surprising about old people dying, yet it's still sad. I have to say, we have a relief valve here: we don't have to say to good-bye to the Pope because of death, we get a middle-option: retirement. I've been given a lot of time to get used to him leaving the world. I appreciate that.

Some people have said, "This is my pope." It's a way to say, "Yes, most of you still miss JPII, but this is the pope for me..." I'd be one of those. Ever since I was in the seminary I have been looking to Ratzinger to provide me with theological direction. I still am. I never dreamed about JPII, I have dreamed about meeting Benedict many times. It's weird really.

So, sure, I want to mourn with those who mourn here. I do mourn, but my admiration is just too strong to make me sad. He has done all things wonderfully.

Now, I have been bragging for eight years that I predicted the name that the next pope (who happened to be Ratzinger) would take - Benedict. Now, I am compelled to stick my neck out and do it again.

Annuntio vobis... qui sibi nomen imposuit Leo (quartus decimus).

I hope it will be Cardinal Ouellet who will be elected.


  1. Interesting thoughts. I predict Pius the 13th.

    I just read lifesite article on why he might have retired: In the Ash Wednesday homily, Benedict stated: “I am thinking in particular of the sins against the unity of the Church, of the divisions in the body of the Church.”

    Michael J.

  2. I was reading an Arch Saint book to the little boys and opened to April 16th (B16's birthday) and noticed that the obscure saint on that day (not St. Bernadette Soubirous) is called St. Benedict Joseph. Interesting. Did he know this? Hmmm. Also, I felt quite relieved for Our Holy Father. I told Dave that I too would like to put in my resignation at times. Dave responded that I need another 50 years under my belt. Surely 6 children are worth at least 25 years?

  3. Micheal - we'll see who's right!

    Elena, the kids will be adults before you know it, then you can take 'er easy. Or, slave over your grand kids...

    1. Fr. Z poll recently published confirms my thinking, but here is the top 6:

      Pius XIII (26%, 861 Votes)
      ???? the First (13%, 416 Votes)
      Gregory XVII (11%, 381 Votes)
      Benedict XVII (9%, 296 Votes)
      Paul VII (8%, 254 Votes)
      John Paul III (4%, 141 Votes)

      For some reason Leo did not come up in the 3000+ plus votes. But Leo 14 did make the comic below the vote list.

      I just hope he is Catholic !

      - Michael J.