Saturday, February 9, 2013

Holocaust of Love

There is an awful scene, or narrative, really, in Michael O'Brien's Plague Journal - I have told him this - of a winter of sickness and unhappiness for a family. O'Brien told me it was based on true events, events actually worse than the novel depicts.

Today I have a sick baby and had a driveway full of snow. Those things combined can be morally debilitating. A driveway which will not admit passage is psychologically daunting. How many times have I myself had to cope with a driveway like this while not feeling well myself. But I am in good health and looking for some exercise, so most of the snow is now piled neatly out of the way, and my lower back isn't in too bad a shape for it.

But sickness, snow and cold can create such a dreary feeling of sadness and helplessness. What made it not so is my Sarah-Grace - almost eleven - taking the baby up in her arms and healing her with love, really. Sarah is a girl such that if she decides something is going to be the case, it is going to be the case. Luckily for all of us she has the heart of a mother, and has killed sadness and suffering with love. Lauren will be loved and happy, that is it, says Sarah. I am just an observer.


  1. Your family is so lovely. I miss you all a lot. Noah still talks about "Big Isaiah." I hope when we visit my sister next we can see you too!

  2. Who is this Colin who writes again?

  3. Would love to have the Craines over any time. Am I right to suppose you are moving to BB?

    Haha, Elena. I have been holding back from asking why my dear friends from BB have not come to visit yet :-(

    Ben was planning on having a party here. I'm game!

  4. I enjoy your blog and miss seeing your beautiful family in the Bay. God bless
    Dianne Westen