Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's a Good Thing, Really

Had a pall been cast over Christendom on Tuesday, c. 9 pm?

Ok, Nero has secured a second term. That's good.

Why? For the same reason that it's good that Broten says that Catholic schools can't say that abortion is evil.

It's good.

It's good for the cause of private education.

Broten is going to provide me with lots of new families. I should think of getting her a plaque, some kind of congratulations.

Obama is a bad man, but bad men have always been good for the Church. Nero. Julian the Apostate. Robespierre. Stalin. Mao. Wojciech Jaruzelski.

Who has been bad for the Church? Bad Catholics - the Bourbon, the Hapsburgs, the Kennedies, the Trudeaus.

The surest way to ensure that someone do a thing is to demand of him he not do it. I am looking forward to the show-down with Obama and his ilk. Remember, Canadians would have overwhelmingly voted for Obama if we could have. That means that the same mentality that fuels Obama's attack on the Church is even more strongly present in Canada. So, it's good.

See you in jail. No, it'll be good. Think of all the time we'll have to pray, spending time doing the things that we tend to put at the back of the list of to-dos...

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