Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Say a Hail Mary

Edification comes from many sources.

The most edifying thing I experienced this week was from a group of grade 3 girls. I was out in the schoolyard when the grade 3/4 class was doing their run for gym class. One of two things might have caused one of the little girls to urge the other two girls who were nearby: "Say a Hail Mary, say a Hail Mary!"

This was either the result of their gym teacher, Mr. Thompson, having urged them to pray when they push themselves physically or because there happened to be an ambulance passing by at the time.

The apologist in me reflects: how great a difference between children who notice that the needs of others (a struggling friend, the ambulance) are important to bring to the Lord and to the attention of the community; how a great a difference between those who do and those who do not! The apologist in me asks, what would a public school kid do? What are they taught to do?

(Oh, right, buy a ribbon for a cause far off, a cause kept at arm's length, one that requires of me nothing more exacting than the giving away of a trivial sum of money.)

Now, I would not want to seem to be trivializing something significant. I have long believed that the ever increasing decline to a post-Christian society has ramifications of unimaginable magnitude, ones which even I, the apocolyptist, have not even really begun to appreciate yet. It comes down to the simple difference between a world where little kids feel the need to pray for others and one where they do not.

So, what will save the world?

A seven-year-old girl inspired to say a Hail Mary for her neighbour.

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