Thursday, October 18, 2012

Empty Words or Why Broten is a Dangerous Moron

Like 'homophobe'. Misogyny.

Often 'anti-Semite,' when applied to Christians - the only people other than the Jews who actually think the Jews are special.

Alright I will address the Broten nonsense. My tedency is to ignore moronism when I see it. Hence the delay. When she first said this new stupid thing I figured that she would be slapped back by popular opinion, and so I didn't think I needed to knock down the bruised reed. And she has been slapped back, more or less. But just for the hey, let's examine what she said:

Here's Broton's argument:






These are my wife and daughters. I adore my wife and daughters. I am pro-life. Laurel Broten does not have a wife and daughters. I am the misogynist.

Broten believes that it is okay to kill baby girls. I do not. I am the misogynist.


  1. I thought you said "my tendency is to ignore MORmonism".

    I was like...jerk misogynist.

  2. Lol. Loved your post the other day!

  3. Thanks man! :) Hey...when are we going to get together again? Our evenings at home just aren't the same without our resident mooch.

  4. The problem has always been one of mooching rights: mine or Marie's.

  5. I knew you would eventually weigh in, even if it took some prodding. And in true Kerr style, the weigh-in was unique.
    Re. the last post: while I agree that there is no measurable difference between the graduate of the Catholic separate system and that of the public, I do think that there is an immeasurable difference between the two systems. However, in the end, I do think that it all comes down to the family and if that ain't sound, then nothing is.

  6. Thanks for your post!
    God bless,