Monday, October 29, 2012

Defense of Transubstantiation

The greatest defenses of the Faith need to be waged against its weakest critics. Enter Stephen, four.

Maryvale Academy of Ottawa is blessed to have a chapel with the Eucharistic Presence. It is a mere few feet away from my office.

Yesterday said four-year-old was there with me as I set up a few things for the coming week. He asks me if God is 'in there,' that is to say - in the chapel. Upon my affirmative, he walked in and called out in a respectful, enquiry manner,


Hearing no reply, he asked me, "Does God hate us?"

"No, Stephen, God loves us very much!"

"Then why doesn't He talk to me? Can't He hear me?"

"He can hear you, but He doesn't usually talk to us out loud."

This was the same guy who remarked at mass a few weeks ago as our pastor, Fr. Paul Nwaeze, was processing out: "Is God leaving?"

How PC of my son, believing God is Nigerian!

After all, St. Anselm did define God as the 'that than which nothing more Nigerian can be conceived...'

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  1. I don't at all understand the last line due to my brain stalling around 10 years ago. However, looks like Stephen is following in the footsteps of his dear old dad: a little questioning leads to faith, eh? We are both appreciating the increased frequency in posting. Things must be calming down at work. An early happy bday to both you and Rebecca.