Monday, August 27, 2012


After all the moving madness and the starting the new job madness, we found we had accumulated about 300 pictures on the camera! That's a record for us, certainly. You see the one I immediately fell in love with of Lauren as the new header just above.

This whole ball got rolling because I got Anne-Marie to take a picture of me last night for the Maryvale Website. It's not up there yet, but here it is. A theologyofdad sneak preview!

Of the 300+ pics, about 250 were keepers. They run from Rebecca's first communion, to my mom's visit, which just ended yesterday. Obviously, I can't put too many of them on right now, but here's a few, just so you know that the Kerrs are still alive and well.

Rebecca's first communion! Beautiful bride of Christ!

The annual visit on the way to His Grace's sister's.

Stephen's fourth!

Mr. and Mrs. John and Nicki Kluke.

Lovely Anne-Marie with the family of the groom.

The father of the groom and I.

Yes, that woman is old enough to be the mother of the groom!

Lauren's first! A year of blessings, indeed!

Her ride. Lots of fun.


  1. Thank you for the photos. My goodness, that wife of yours is stunning - tell her that. Today someone phoned us using a calling card and our speaking phone kept telling us in her automated voice, Call from Calling card. We all thought that you were phoning us; as it turns out, Calling Card and Colin Kerr are closer than you think.

    1. Now I'm calling card!

      I used to freeze up in math class whenever the teacher said 'column.'

  2. Great Pics. Colin, glad that you posted them:). I miss you all!
    God bless,

    1. Miss you too. I'll try and post more soon.

  3. Love the pics...especially the one of Lauren (how did that child ever come from you??) And Anne Marie looks gorgeous as per usual.

    We miss our nightly rendezvous' but things are going alright here, albeit crazy. I imagine they're crazy for you too. We hope to make it up to Ottawa really soon though, after all calms down.

  4. Please do visit! Have a great start to the year - remember not to answer a question with a question!