Sunday, August 5, 2012


As mere human beings, we Catholics, of course, are often guilty of paying lip-service to those many things expected of good Christians, especially when we're not being tested. One of my favourite YouTube videos plays on precisely this kind of thing: see Stuff Catholic Girls Say. There are lots of videos of the same ilk on YouTube, but this one is the best, in my opinion.

One of the things we Catholics like to say is that "life is a pilgrimage." Of course, it's true, but it's no fun. - again, at least in my opinion. As we pack up our remaining things into boxes, we wonder whether we are as materialistic as we seem to be, and we wonder why this is necessary: Why can't we just stay put! Tomorrow will be our 13th wedding anniversary, and will also mark the 8th time we've moved. For homebodies such as we are, these are depressing statistics indeed.

Christians don't speak of our life in this world as a pilgrimage because pilgrimages are fun and easy. We do so because our home is with God, who is our end, our good, our rest. That means we are not now at rest or 'at home.' But isn't it nice to be at home, at least our cheap knock off human version? Don't we build our homes to be comfortable and sometimes even beautiful? Don't we spend a fortune on house insurance to protect it from disaster and at Home Depot to make it ever better?

There are home-body Christians and there are Christians who love to travel. The first group tends to look to the ostentation of their houses as perfectly Christian, while the latter call their vacations 'pilgrimages.' I would be tempted towards the first, not at all to the second. In any case, I resent every single hateful box I have to pack and carry and then unpack 200 kms down the road. I resent that aspect of the modern industrial economy that makes relocating an event that I seem to have to do every 8/13 years.

As always, yes, I'm a poor Christian, but at least honest about it. See you in Ottawa.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both! I hope your move has gone well today and that it won't take too much time to get settled into your new home. Welcome to Ottawa!

  2. Oh dear, that uhaul shot through me off a bit as my first reaction was to think it was you (and maybe member of my own family). H and I walked past the house tonight - empty and sad looking. We tried not to cry but carried on with our, ahem, pilgrimage to the ice cream store.

  3. Thanks, Claire.

    Elena, Dave and the boys were a huge help! I'm missing everyone already :(

  4. What's "ostentation"? Some of us homebodies would be happy for a cheerful and functional kitchen (circa 1975 fake marble backsplash actually quite soul-draining). I think my hubby and I moved 5 times in our first two years of marriage--I feel your pain. And happy anniversary!