Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The New Job

Okay, finally.

As of 12:00, July 30th, I am no longer an employee of that place by whom I had been employed for five years... No longer a professor... :-(

But, what am I?

You know that I got a job...

Well, if you have recently received an email from me, you would have seen my new 'signature' accouncing it. Or, perhaps you read this blog or this blog. Or, perhaps you have your ear to that ubiquitous gossip-machine that binds much of orthodox Canadian Catholicism together from shore to shore...

Whatever the case, I am very proud to say, and grateful to God to announce, that I am Maryvale Academy's new principal!

Maryvale Academy is a relatively young private Catholic school in Ottawa that has done great things over the past several years.

So, stay tuned. No doubt you'll hear a great deal from me about this wonderful educational apostolate. Any reader of thetheologyofdad knows how strongly I believe in authentic Catholic education. I believe that education is the key to freedom.

I am grateful to the school's board of directors for entrusting the school to me. I have big shoes to fill, taking up the momentum from its former principal, Michael Dopp. (What a guy!) They have built a wonderful school and I feel very humbled to be a part of its future! I pray that God uses me as an intrument for His glory in the hearts of Maryvale's students. Please pray for me and for Maryvale as I assume this weighty responsibility.

Why is God so generous?

A new friend (Michael Dopp), an old friend, a beautiful baby, and a guy who, yes, after much cajolling from wife and friends, has subsequently had a hair cut.

If His Grace looks a little off in this picture it's because it is sinking in that he has me again as a sheep in his flock. Poor bishop...