Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4 of J

I was too busy and distracted to write a post re. Canada Day, but I feel that having started a aggregator devoted to Canadian Catholic blogs this year I am entitled to a one-year pass on this.

The real name of this post is:

The Top Ten Reasons why the U.S.A is still better than Canada

and here they are (in no particular order):

1. No Quebec.

2. No NDP.

3. No Justin Trudeau.

4. Freer educational system.

5. Freer economy.

6. Freedom of speech.

7. Americans like Obama less than we do.

8. More Americans than Canadians are concerned about personal freedom, freedom from governmental control.

9. Greater pro-life mentality.

10. No CBC.


  1. total agreement. they also get to use y'all.

  2. They're also known to be the most generous of people to those in crisis. plus they produced Ronald Reagan. Could Canada? nope.

  3. And yet, y'all still live in Canada. Suckers!

  4. Surely this post was a joke.

    I am not sure what your beef is with Justin Trudeau, but rather than beefing about him try comparing the U.S. and Canada along the dimension of something more meaningful and more Catholic. As a start, how about social justice?

    And by the way, your supposed "freer economy" in the U.S. almost brought down the world economy.