Friday, July 13, 2012

Colin in Ottawa

With the regal background in this picture taken by Archbishop Prendergast you'd think that I was up to bigger things than simply going for a walk on a still quite hot Ottawa evening. (I wasn't offering any tesitmony to Parliament regarding my alleged involvement in 'Fast and Furious'.)

Each time I visit, His Grace teaches me a thing or two about the Capital. There were banners dedicated to the second centenary of the War of 1812, and I was ashamed that I knew basically nothing about the battles or the generals. So the next day I rushed out and bought Berton's The Invasion of Canada.

The picture is a little hazy, which is either an exposure problem or due to the fact that it is a steamy night. I am amazed at how non-hot I look. I assume that when it's that hot that I usually look like I am on the verge of a coronary episode. Not so, I guess.

This picture marks my first day as Principal of Maryvale Academy on-the-ground. It was a two-day marathon of meetings.


  1. Welcome to Ottawa, Colin and family! May the Lord bless all of you as you follow him in your new home and job.