Thursday, May 10, 2012

What Would Pro-Life Require?

Imagine a world where abortion was treated legally and morally according to its actual nature?

I tend to think that the implications of this are far too radical for it ever to come to be.

What do I mean? Outlawing abortion implies:

First, respect for life, and that would similarly entail a new understanding of war, euthanasia, sickness, old-age.

Second, it would also imply a new understanding of, and appreciation for, motherhood, with obviously corollaries for family life, work, child-rearing, education, and sex.

(The consideration of these things makes risible Elizabeth May's juxtaposition of 'economic greed' and the environment. What about the more important cost to human life that economic greed implies?)

In the end, abortion is about greed and selfishness. To outlaw abortion is to outlaw those two latter things. Impossible for men.

But we should dare to dream. Why else live?

There are no good people who believe in abortion. Addiction to the system is the height of folly, as Plato was perhaps the first to so famously point out. Today's heroes are tomorrow's criminals. How do I know that? Because abortion kills, and the living will judge.


  1.'re nullifying the concept of the sincere erroneous conscience by saying no good people believe in abortion. I agree that abortion is murder but another person may say the brain must be developed prior to personhood and he may sincerely believe that. Good Popes believed in what now the Church considers as bad acts....Pope Leo X : burning heretics/ Exsurge Domine... which would now be condemned by extension of the anti torture text in Splendor of the Truth. Later in life Jerome and Augustine based on perhaps a mistake in the Septuagint, saw early abortion as sin but not as murder until the pre born was "formed".

  2. Your observations are non sequitors when you bear in mind that I mean a modern person with a modern understanding of embryology. Unlike Jerome and Augustine,we live in a world of ultrasounds. Every 'abortionist' knows exactly what they are doing and what they are advocating. Yet the strong comdemnations that Church has always levelled against abortion, and Augustine has powerful ones too, prove my point. Whether you call it murder or sin, you are calling it depraved. Good people do not advocate acts of depravity. Thus, neither did Augustine.

    I wouldn't say there can never be a sincere erroneous conscience, only that no good people believe in abortion. It is a matter so grave and depraved, one that departs so widely from natural law, that my observation stands. The window dressing around 'abortion is ok' is convincing to no one. It is a lie so vile that it speaks for itself. If you don't care to adhere to what it is saying it is because you are bad. You are in a very bad state.

    Pope Leo burning heretics is Pope Leo being a bad person. There is a modicum of difference between the innocence of the pre-born and that of certain heretics, sure, but not enough to make a burner of heretics a good person. That is a bad person, by definition.

    Thanks very much for your thoughtful comments!