Sunday, May 27, 2012

Things to Pray About

Fr. Hattie, OMI, is undergoing surgery tomorrow. Not a huge deal, but pray for his quick recovery.

Crossroads has started up again. Please pray for these young witnesses for life. Visit their site here.

One of my good friends is about to have her baby - today, maybe, but at least very soon. Pray for a safe and quick delivery, and good post-partum period for her and the whole family.

For a miraculous change of mind for Ontario's MPP's vis 'Bill 13.' That these legislators will come to understand that victims of violence come in all shapes and sizes and that religious freedom is at the heart of a just society. That those who wish to defend the innocent will see a fuller, more realistic perspective - one that includes all the reasons for victimization, including the profession of Christianity! That those who are under the manipulative influence of evil people in this matter will come to realize this.

A prayer for my grandfather, Ira, who will be 94 in a few weeks!

A prayer of thanksgiving for my new job! Your prayers helped me get it, that is why I entrust these intentions to you now...

(I'll give you the details re. that eventually, my friends...)

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  1. I really appreciated the last post on Free Education.
    Updates: your brunch fended off labour! We're still here, as full as ever.