Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some Observations re. GSAs

The whole "Gay-Straight Alliance" nonsense is something on the minds of Ontario Catholics. Sorry if you aren't an Ontario Catholic and find this boring.

1. McGuinty is pursuing this because he thinks it will make him look like a human rights hero and, thus, pay off at the polls. Normal type of thinking for a politician. Is he correct? Only time will tell. This poll says 'no,' he is very incorrect. Apparently he might be going to the polls as a guy who doesn't respect different viewpoints. Certainly the age of same-sex heroes is over. No one even really thinks that way about Obama. The 'first to do x' about gay this and that is getting a little silly now. One of the men in my wedding party went on to become the 'first out gay Mountie.' Do you know his name? Bet you don't. And no one will remember McGuinty in about five minutes.

2. The pathology closest to homosexuality is pedophilia. Why are we expected to embrace the one and abhor the other? I have compassion for every one who suffers. That is very Christian of me.

3. Why would one ever think that a Catholic school would need a club for gays? Because people have bought into the lie that Christians treat gays poorly. It is a lie created by Hollywood. There is no statistics proof of it, nor can there be since the Church teaches that those who experience same-sex attraction must be treated with great compassion.

4. It is true that there are people who experience same-sex attraction. Why should such a psychological state be privileged as per se virtuous? There are no rational grounds for this, thus there must be non-rational grounds for it. Part of it is hatred for Christianity, but part of it is the strong need to feel good and/or important. Wouldn't it be great if there was a group that was being mistreated and you stood up for them? The problem is, the Catholic Church treats people with same-sex attraction very well - exceedingly well - and, you would not be helping a disenfranchised group at all, but a group with a lot of wealth and political power.

5. Homosexuality is a very problematic lifestyle. That it can yet be considered 'healthy' all hinges on the role that social ostracization plays. If one judges the Church negatively for failing to see the healthiness of homosexuality, upon what do they base their conviction that it is healthy? Studies have typically indicated it is very unhealthy. See here too. In this light, celebrating homosexuality seems an awful lot like celebrating smoking.

6. These confused young people who say they have same-sex attraction (SSA) are being treated like pawns by the McGuinty government. People who are experiencing psychological turmoil should not be thrown into the public gaze like this. Now, of course, there are two types of young people who identify as SSA - genuinely confused adolescents, and those who just want any kind of attention, who don't have a genuine bone in their body. The latter group is unfortunately the larger one. My comments here refer to the former group, those who are genuinely struggling. Homosexualists don't distinguish between the two, won't admit there are these two groups.

7. It all comes down to whether or not SSA is normal or not, good or not. The philosophical inconsistencies of the popular approach to it (as exemplified by the McGuinty Government) are so astonishing as to require pages of analysis themselves - maybe some other time. Is it normal? No, it is normal for the sexes to be attracted to that which can lead to the procreation of new life. That is the biological norm of organism that reproduce sexually. Is it moral? Catholicism privileges with moral legitimacy only married, heterosexual intercourse aimed at procreation. You don't have to share this view. In that case, don't attend a Catholic school. I wouldn't attend a Muslim school, but I would recognize its right to exist.

8. In terms of recognizing differences, even Medieval Christians usually recognized the right to exist, to maintain schools, to worship, of a people who denied the divinity of Christ, i.e., the Jews. When so-called modern, educated, tolerant people cannot recognize the right of Catholics to practice their Faith they are worse than the bigoted Medievals they excoriate. That is a very low bar, and there is no shame greater than the one of failing to meet it.

9. There is no such thing as moral evolution. Change, yes, but not evolution. The greatest lesson that the great work, Time Machine, of H.G. Wells, teaches is that evolution doesn't necessary lead you where you want. That is a lesson not only for us in terms of biological evolution, but of social evolution too. People who speak of the evolution of human consciousness have imported an unfortunate error of Karl Marx. Marx's view of history was Christian eschatology on crack. The Christian idea of progress is towards the extraneous telos that is Christ, where we will be transformed beyond ourselves without ourselves. In other words, men will not make men better, God will. Marx was closer to the truth when he said that the means of production (our culture) will produce our moral view point. Thus, women in the work force, 'homosexual marriage,' are tied to a certain type of industrial status. What this means is, change the type of culture change the ethos. You can imagine the ethos changing regarding 'homosexual marriage,' and it won't take a very big structural change to bring this re-imagining about. And the Church will still be here, as it has from the time of the Roman Empire, to the Medieval feudalism, to Early Modern mercantilism, to the Industrial Revolution, to the rise and fall of Marxism, to the age of the microchip and after. Today's liberal is tomorrow's conservative. The only problem is, history will not yield.

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