Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One Significant Difference between Black and Gay

Gay inconvenient? Switch it off.

Black inconvenient? Sorry 'bout that.


Black people have suffered (and still suffer) from an unchangeable fact about themselves, one, moreover, that they cannot conceal: their skin colour.

Homosexuals are one of the most privileged, socially-affirmed groups in the Western World.

What's the average annual income of a black person in Canada or the US. Now, a gay person in Canada or the US?


If I were black I'd be disgusted by such comparisons.

When all is said and done and this current fascination with homosexuality is finished, a black person will still be black. The former gay person can then just talk about his youthful confusion, and thus leave it behind in order to adapt himself to a strategy better suited to future conditions. Off goes the switch that produced that affected effeminate voice and manner. But for some gays that's consistent: many homosexuals see homosexuality for what it is for them: a choice, a fashion, a flirtation. Don't look for essences when you are dealing with Existentialists.

Teflon white skin shining and pristine.

A black person has little luck in this world of chameleons.


  1. I feel as though this post is missing context... Why are we comparing people who are Black to people who are homosexual? I feel like I missed something.

  2. You should hyperlink the two opening sentences to the Obama-gay marriage and possibly Andrew Cohen's editorial in the Citizen today. Thus would context be provided.

  3. Oh my, my word id was assequal. Need you say more?!

  4. Oh man, Elena...

    Charlotte, just random thoughts on a contemporary issue, as Elena indicates, brought on by the Obama business.