Friday, April 6, 2012

Update on Schonborn

A friend pointed out this link to First Things - a magazine as deeply enamoured of Schonborn, as I have always been. I am not being sarcastic. I was wounded by the Cardinal's act precisely because I have always deeply respected his theological gift. So, please check out the article. I don't demand that you agree with my dissent from the Cardinal's act. I just demand that you think about it. We all have bad days. Displeasing bloggers doesn't prove you are having one, of course. I still think the Cardinal was having a bad week and maybe he can yet recover from it. May great grace come to him this Easter season. Vienna is messed up - please pray for him!


  1. I think I am tending towards the cardinal in this one. As someone who has been a bruised reed and smoking flax person, it has helped that people have loved me first and thus loved me out of my various heresies and so on rather than confronting me head on and telling me I am forbidden or expelled or whatever. And I agree with your post that it is hypocritical to only focus on homosexuality when there are marriage irregularities, etc. To say nothing of prideful, judgmental people. If everyone was ruled out because of some besetting sin, it would be hard to cobble together a parish council at all if only saints need apply.

  2. I am definitely disagreeing with you on this one. Yes, a soft touch is often required - I have been the beneficiary of that a million times, gratefully. But this is a case of a public 'leader' of the Church publicly in a 'state' that is not in conformity with the Gospel. Such is forbidden, and with good reason, by canon law. It is scandalous, and the Cardinal has no right to create scandal in this manner. The people of that parish are clearly confused about the Church's teaching that is why they thought it a good idea to vote for the young man in the first place - and the Cardinal failed to provide clarity. While being gentle to the young man he failed the rest of the parish. Have you ever been taught with a proverbial slap in the face? Sometimes that is also requried. When I have been way off in my life someone cared enough to intercede sharply, and it was then I knew my excuses did not amount to a hill of beans and I was trying to justify my sinful behaviour. Sometimes that is also required. Should an adulterer, abortionist, arson, etc., always be told, "There there, everyone sins..."? Compassion does not necessarily mean not applying the law. It sometimes is a matter of how the law is explained while being enforced.