Monday, April 30, 2012

Too Many Friends!

How is it possible that a little ol' introverted blogger has received so many kind emails, blog comments and phone calls from people expressing their sympathy for my job loss?

I am going to assume it is because I am a really likable guy!

Or, maybe it's because you are all so nice. But if my friends are all so nice, that must mean I am so nice!

This is what I want to believe, so that is what is true.

I don't know if it needs to be said, but I am doing okay. You have made it so. Keep the prayers coming. They have made a difference to my insides... hopefully one day they will translate into a job that'll pay the bills - and moreover, that'll help me to help others. It's not everyone who gets the opportunity to share his time, talent and treasure so as to make a difference in others' lives. That is my dream.

I suppose I should hasten to add that I have loved my years at OLSWA - as much as one can love an imperfect thing. It has been such a blessing in my own life, and hope it has been as much a blessing to others - especially our students, the ones for whom it is intended to bless. Personally, I hope this apostolate thrives!

As I have said, it is truly time for me to move on. That, I am quite sure, is God's will. I have been the better for coming here, and now leaving will be for the better.

My life has been grace after grace. If you can see it that way despite the hardships, you can pretty sure you are on the right track - at least to some extent.

So, please keep the prayers coming for me and my family!

Any one know of a good novena? Usually people suggest praying to St. Joseph for a job, but I don't just mean a job, I mean all the blessings we are going to need for this coming year and beyond.


  1. Hi, Colin. I don't have a specific novena to suggest . . . but you could ask the intercession of the saints with whom you have a connection (Sts Augustine, Anslem, Thomas spring quickly to my mind from past reading of your blog). Ask them and Mary to guide you as you research and write so that your work over the next while may bear fruit in the kingdom. I'd suggest adding St Ignatius to help with discernment!

    We'll continue to pray for you and your family as you seek the Lord's will in the short and not-so-short term.


    This is called the "Efficacious Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus." Apparently it was Padre Pio's novena. When you decide to start one, let me know and I will join in with you for you and your family.

  3. Jenna, I found that novena at St. Lawrence O'Toole's almost three years ago and have prayed it almost every day since for a variety of intentions. Apparently Padre Pio prayed it everyday, thus, I try to do the same. I think that there is still a pile of bookmark-like novenas (of this novena) at the front of the church near the tabernacle and relic table.