Thursday, April 12, 2012

Misc Musings

1. Why is there nothing so beautiful in the world as woman? I suppose babies are pretty close... but sunsets, etc. - can they distract? Wouldn't it be nice? What is the advice of the theologians? Contemplation is more beautiful. This was my thought while watching a bank of rain coming in on Lake Kamaniskeg the other day. It was beautiful, really. But has the beauty of a natural wonder ever sailed a thousand ships? Men.

2. I do not like fiction, sez I to my dear friend who is Head of the Literature Department at OLSWA, a woman I deeply respect, while yet acknowledging two things: reading Tolstoy was instrumental in my conversion to Christ and I could definitely see me liking Flannery O'Connor. If you had like a month free to do anything you wanted (and could afford), would reading be your principal amusement, and, if so, what would you read?

3. Did something for the first time in fourteen years. If I left it there it'd be funny to see what guesses you'd come up with... Went to the the dentist, is the real answer. Why, you ask, would I wait so long? It's called poverty, my friends, raging, unabashed, good old-fashioned, Dickensian poverty. What was the diagnosis? Not terrible. Need a good cleaning and some small cavities need to be filled, but over all a good report. I guess I brush enough. Would I recommend going fourteen years between visits? No. But if you have no major complaints (I decided to go because I had a pain in my mouth for a few days, which ended up being nothing)... I would say every seven years might be sufficient. So after I get those cavities filled in the summer, I will book again for Summer, 2019, unless, that is, I am no longer Dickensian poor before that point.

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