Thursday, March 1, 2012

Every Single Human Life is Precious

I am so busy today with no extra energy on account of the fact that I am not feeling well, so I cannot even believe I am blogging. But inspiration is inspiration.

Spend just five minutes with my precious six-month old, Lauren, and you will believe what I say: every single human life is precious.

I told my Thomistic Thought class yesterday, on the subject of our 'imaging' of God, that every mental act terminates in love. Now that is too much to explain right now, but the point is when we truly know something we know it as God knows it, and we know it in light of the great delight God took in making that truth. Every human being is a part of the high truth of God. He planned every single one. Why, because He loves them thoroughly. Thus, when we come to know people truly as God does, we come to love them as God does.

Spend five minutes with Lauren. Hold her in your arms, see how precious she is. God feels the same way about every person He has made.

Thus the barbarity of abortion, of poverty, any kind of exploitation, pornography, slander...

If we don't feel the barbarity of it it is because we do not know like God knows and we do not love as God loves.

I think that today is the summer of the Church's pacifism.

I'll explain that one some other time, when I'm not ill and not under the gun to deliver a spectacular lecture on the Cappadocians, Sts. Basil, Gregory of Nyssa and Gregory Nazianzus, to just the most wonderful class of young people you could ever ask for!

Until next time, enjoy my daughter. I know I do. Thanks, God!


  1. I got the stomach flu on Monday and Joe kept me up last night with his stomach. I think that we have been throwing up for almost 5 weeks now. Enough is enough. But, yes, they are precious.

  2. If you can still say that after all that then that's something, eh? Hang in there, girl. We've had another run of it too. Some flu, some colds. You saw me taking Isaiah home just before mass last Sunday.

  3. Aww, Lauren is totally enjoyable. She is beautiful. Almost as good-looking as my 14-month old son.;) If they don't enter religious life, they'd be a good match in a few decades. :)