Sunday, March 18, 2012

Best Day Ever! Spring!

Yesterday we were promised a 20 degree day. It might have gotten to 13 or 14 and was overcast.

Today we are promised 20 degrees again, and, as I write this at about 11 am, it is already 15 and sunny!

I did what I have been longing to do for so long: open the windows and let the sick out. Although I am still not feeling well - thought I had pneumonia, but I don't - weather like this sure bouys the spirit; the body, I'm sure, is soon to follow.

I grew up in Nova Scotia, where winter averages around -5, with rain not an infrequent winter event - oh, those rainy Christmases of yore! Talking to mom on the phone and contrasting our -20 with her about -2 temperature sort of reinforced how dissimilar our winters are. But the funniest thing, within a mere two week span of time, we in the Ottawa Valley here went from much colder than N.S. to much warmer. Yes, in just two weeks! Now I will no doubt here about my mother's 7 degree and drizzly, as we bask in our 20 degrees of sunshine.

Now, 20 is just about as hot as I like it to be. The fact that The Weather Network is currently calling for 25 degrees on Wednesday means to me that summer has arrived. In the Maritimes we have this season called Spring. Not here, apparently.

I have in mind the metaphor of boiling the frog. You'd never boil him here.

And to top it all off, given this weather, a poor guy like me loves that a wealthier friend of his who is going south this week on vacation... O irony! My poor wealthy friend!

A current event. Stevo returns to the sandbox.

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