Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pictorial Family Update

You may have been wondering why no pictures of the family for a while. See, it was shame-motivated. I had given a blogging buddy a hard time for this same thing once. She had not been posting pictures because she could not find the cable to upload the pictures to her computer. This same thing happened to me. Now it is found, so the shame has lifted and we can all sit back and enjoy the Kerr family for a few minutes:

This is me walling-in the porch.
Inhabitants of Barry's Bay know how slowly I am progressing.

Our terrible, terrible, Third-World bathroom
is getting a massive face lift, thanks to a dear friend.

Stephen is helping too.

And I'm helping in more of a human resources capacity.

My darling!
Aka the reason why the emails I send don't have capitalization.


  1. My goodness, you two certainly make gorgeous girls together. The boys aren't bad either. I need to get up some pictures in order to compete successfully. p.s. Has your computer a port into which you can insert the memory card? (What a perfectly constructed sentence...)

  2. I think so. There is some kind of slot in the front that looks like it would hold an SD card. Need me to upload for ya?

  3. Wow Lauren is stunning! Thanks for the latest photos!

  4. Lauren is just such a sweet little one!

  5. Love the pics! Can't wait to see ALL you guys in a few weeks! xo